Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 18th March 2023 Written Update: Som questions Gaura


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 18th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura asks Som what to say infront of police. Som asks her to inform whatever she knows. Rekha threatens Gaura to keep her mouth shut infront of police. Som asks Gaura to accompany her. Laxmi tells Gaura to come back soon as she will be waiting for her. Kanchan requests senior police officer to find out the jewlery. She replies that police will perform their duties. Rahul comes there. Som brings Gaura there. Officer asks Gaura why she looks so terrified as if she is the one who stole the jewlery.

Gaura says that she is scared seeing the police so close for the first time. Officer asks her to wait. Chanchal tries to complain about Gaura to Som. Som doesn’t pay attention to her words. Kanchan tries to help police by showing her the photographs of the jewlery. Officer summons Chanchal and Pardesi for investigation. Som spots fast aid box in the photograph and discovers that there was someone with Rekha during her last moments, he wonders who the person can be. Kanchan tells Ganga that she feels Chanchal is the thief.

Ganga asks her to let police do their work. Som looks at Gaura’s nose pin. Gaura gets scared. Rekha wonders what to do now. Som asks Gaura to accompany him. Rahul asks Kanchan if she has stolen Ganga’s jewlery. Kanchan scolds him for doubting her. Laxmi sits in the kitchen and eats the food available there. Som brings Gaura to his room and asks her what she was doing at Rekha’s room on the day when she died. Gaura says that she went there to give kheer to Rekha which she made for her pehli rasoi ritual. Som asks her if she spiked the kheer.

Gaura says that she is innocent. She says that Rekha didn’t even touch the kheer as she threw it away. Som questions Gaura about the nose pin. He asks her if he should inform the police about it. Rekha sees red flag. Gaura cries and asks Rekha to speak up. Som asks Gaura to stop her dramma and gears up to approach the police. Gaura says that she will confess the truth. Som pushes her and asks her to not come infront him. Rekha plans to frame someone and spots Laxmi.

Laxmi tries to leave the house secretly and plans to come through the front door. Rekha drops a jewlery infront of Laxmi. Laxmi tries to hide it. Officer catches her red handed and forcefully brings her at hall. Gaura approaches Ganga for a talk. Officer calls Laxmi the thief. Laxmi says that she innocent. Officer slaps Laxmi. Gaura cries and defends Laxmi. Officer shows the jewlery to everyone. Laxmi says that she found the jewlery on the floor and tried to hide it. Officer asks her about remaining jewlery. Laxmi says that she is clueless. Gaura says that Laxmi did not steal.

Som asks her who stole the jewlery then. Gaura says that she doesn’t know. Gaura requests Ganga to save Laxmi. Officer forcefully tries to take Laxmi to police station. Laxmi cries and asks Gaura to protect her. Gaura feels helpless. She informs everyone that Rekha is behind the stealing. Som lashes out at her. Officer doubts Gaura. Kanchan tells Ganga that she was right. Som asks Gaura to inform about the location of the jewlery. Rekha warns Gaura to not spill the beans.

The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha shuts Gaura’s mouth. She warns Gaura to not speak anything. She threatens to kill Chanchal and frame Gaura in her murder case. Kanchan tells Ganga that Gaura is possessed by Rekha’s spirit that is why she can’t speak up at the moment. Ganga asks Som to chill. Som asks her to make Gaura spill the beans.

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