Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st March 2023 Written Update: Rekha’s dream gets shattered


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, the groom comes out of the tree. Rekha says that her work is done. Ganga, Kanchan get doubtful. Rekha manages the situation well by saying that she meant that Som managed to get his ancestors’ blessings at last moment. The groom sits next to Gaura in mandap. Ganga, Kanchan feel they are winning and Rekha is losing. Twinkle waits for Som and Rekha’s arrival at Kailash temple. Twinkle gets restless. Her mother suggests her to keep calm. Her father also comes to attend the wedding. Rekha feels happy. She communicates about the situation to Twinkle. Halchal thinks that Som will praise him once he finds out the truth. He arrives at the temple with groom. Twinkle’s father bribes the pandit and asks him to speed up the rituals.

Ganga wonders if it’s Som only behind the sehra of Gaura’s groom. Kanchan asks her to have faith in her and stay stress free. Rekha thinks that Ganga, Kanchan will get both shock and pain once they find out Gaura’s groom. Gaura and her groom complete the pheras. The groom puts sindoor and ties mangalsutra on Gaura. Everyone claps as the marriage is completed. Twinkle’s groom sneezes due to smoke and his sehra falls. He turns out to be Rahul. Twinkle’s family and Rahul get stunned. Gaura and her groom get married. Pandit asks the groom to show face to his wife Gaura. The groom removes his sehra. He turns out to be Som.

Ganga, Kanchan, Gaura and her family become happy. Rekha gets the shock of her life. Twinkle lashes out at Halchal. Flashback shows that Halchal failed to send Rahul in place of Som due to confusion. Twinkle asks Rahul to get out. Rahul says I love you to her. Twinkle slaps Rahul. Ganga, Kanchan congratulate each other and teases Rekha. Gaura thanks God for giving her a husband like Som. Twinkle says that Som belongs to her even if he is already married. Her parents try to change her mind. Twinkle cries and leaves with them. Rekha cries and breaks stuffs. She feels that her life is finished. Black shadows surround her. She gets enraged thinking Gaura called her Churel when she is alive.

Gaura bids bye to her family in tears. Laxmi reminds her to keep is touch with them. Harish and Gaura get too emotional as both cry their heart out. Harish requests Ganga, Kanchan to forgive Gaura if she makes any mistake. Laxmi says that she never raised hand on Gaura. Gaura hugs his brothers. Gaura arrives at Som’s house with Som, Ganga and Kanchan. Rekha keeps shouting in pain and anger. Gaura goes to step inside the house. Ganga calls Rekha. They get no response from inside. Som says that Rekha must be sleeping due to tiredness. Ganga, Kanchan go inside to check. They become happy seeing Rekha’s condition and teases her. Kanchan congratulates Rekha for her new daughter in law. She asks Rekha to accompany them to perform the grahpravesh ritual of Gaura. Rekha remains speechless. The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha informs Som that she can’t show off as she can’t accept uneducated Gaura as Som’s wife. She adds that Gaura is 4th pass only, Ganga and Kanchan has kept Som in dark. She promises to never accept Gaura even after her death. Som says that if Rekha is saying the truth he won’t give wife’s status to Gaura ever.

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