Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th February 2023 Written Update: Kanchan is doubtful


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Rahul and others dance. Kanchan, Ganga ask Som to wait for two minutes. Som deletes his and Twinkle’s photos from phone, he hopes Twinkle will forgive him someday. He feels uncertain about his future. Twinkle comes there and manages to get a juice to spike it for Som again. Som joins the barat. Atrangi also comes there. Twinkle sees Rekha and feels she is roaming in relax mood. Rekha waits for Chandu to stop Som. Chandu comes and brusts a lot of crackers which creates a lot of smoke. Rekha enjoys. Chandu removes Som. Atrangi takes Som’s place.

Twinkle feels more confident. Kanchan goes to meet Som. She touches Atrangi’s hand and feels weird. She gears up to remove his sehra but Rekha starts crying in pain. She tells Kanchan that she is having cramp in leg and asks her for help. Kanchan helps her. Rekha touches Kanchan’s hand and says that it’s feeling weird. Kanchan gets confused. Rekha forces her to dance with her to divert her mind. Som asks Chandu what’s the matter. Chandu gives some silly excuses. He takes Kanchan, Ganga’s names to convince him. Som asks him to call Rahul to give him company.

Chandu wonders what to do. Twinkle comes there with juices. Som asks her what she is doing there. He asks her to leave. Twinkle asks him to fulfill her last wish to have Som as husband in next life. She asks Som to drink the juice so that her wish gets fulfilled in next birth. Som drinks the juice and feels dizzy. Chandu informs Rekha about Twinkle and Som. Rekha feels worried for Som. Som asks Twinkle to sit beside her. Twinkle asks Som to accompany her. Rahul goes to Atrangi and dances. Rekha sees reg flag.

She orders Chandu to bring the juice which Twinkle spiked to stop Rahul. Chandu calls Rahul. Rekha asks him to have juice in order to get more energy for dance. Chandu brings juice. Rahul drinks it. Rahul says that Gaura will become his bhabi no 1. Chandu says Delhi is still far. Rahul gets doubtful and goes to check Som. Rekha scolds Chandu for being over confident. Rahul goes to contact Kanchan. His head feels heavy. Ganga sees that Rekha is missing all of a sudden and sends Kanchan to find her before she does anything.

Rahul goes to remove Atrangi’s sehra but Chandu stops him. He informs Rahul that Twinkle is waiting for him and asks him to meet her immediately as ladies don’t like waiting. Rahul gets excited and goes to meet Twinkle. Rekha spots Som, Twinkle. She scolds Twinkle for not keeping trust in her. Twinkle says that she felt helpless. Chandu sees that Kanchan is searching for Rekha. He sends Halchal to stop Kanchan and divert her mind. Halchal goes to Kanchan and says that Ganga is looking for her. Twinkle tells Rekha that she can’t live without Som. Rekha understands her and asks her to reach Kailash temple with Som immediately. The episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan sees Atrangi’s reflection in water and informs Ganga about it. Ganga gets shocked. Kanchan threatens Atrangi taking police’s name. Kanchan spots Rekha with Som.

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