Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Rekha refuses to accept Gaura


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ganga asks Rekha to welcome Gaura. Gaura becomes happy seeing the house. Gaura sees Rekha. Kanchan gives Arti plate to Rekha, Rekha drops it. Som thinks Rekha is unwell. Rekha asks Kanchan to do the rituals and goes inside. Som follows her leaving the gadbandhan. He says that he has to console Rekha. Som asks her what happened. Rekha says she is unhappy with uneducated daughter in law. She again tells Som that Gaura is 4th standard pass only and Kanchan brought false certificate of her.

Som is in disbelief. Rekha says that Ganga, Kanchan always kept Som in dark. She also informs Som that Gaura called her Champak Churel. Kanchan does the arti. Gaura asks her if Rekha is upset with her. Kanchan asks her to not worry about Rekha. Gaura asks if Rekha is upset because of her education. Kanchan says that Rekha and Som know everything. Gaura apologies for doubting her. Rekha tells Som that she can like her enemy but not Gaura atleast till she is alive. Gaura performs the grahpravesh ritual and enters inside the house.

Gaura remembers whatever happened recently. Ganga, Kanchan see that Gaura’s feet are bleeding due to a glass piece. Kanchan says that Gaura will give her heart and soul to the relation, Som will have to accept her. Som tells Rekha if she is right Gaura will never get status of his wife, she will only get a namesake status. Som, Rekha share a hug. Ganga and Kanchan gossip about Rekha infront of Gaura. They promise to protect her always. Gaura says that she will try to win Rekha’s heart with her love and affection. They praise Gaura and asks her to stay happy.

Rekha tells Som that she is at peace now and asks him to do his investigation to know if she is telling the truth or not. Som agrees. He asks her to clean her face. They kiss each other’s hand. Rekha sees herself in mirror and gets scared. She plans to trouble Gaura so much that she herself leaves the house. Rekha suddenly feels uneasy as her chest becomes heavy. She sees Ramesh’s smiling photo and criticizes him. Som goes to his room and finds twinkle inside. Kanchan heads towards the room with Gaura.

Twinkle tells Som that she can’t live without him, he belongs to her etc. She asks for Som’s friendship. She promises that her friendship will never create problem for Som. They shake a hand. Twinkle thanks Som. She gifts a rudraksha pendant to Som so that he always stay protected. She congratulates him for the marriage. Som thanks her and promises to always keep the gift safe. Twinkle hugs him and gears up to leave. Kanchan asks Gaura to take rest in Som’s room. Gaura wishes to meet Rekha first and seek her blessings. Kanchan suggests her to stay away from Rekha as she slaps very hard. Gaura gets scared and demotivated. Som sees footage in tv where Gaura called Rekha Champak Churel. He gets angry. The episode ends.

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