Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Gaura begs for forgiveness


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gaura tells Kanchan that she is ready for Rekha’s slap and blessings both. Kanchan forces Gaura to go to Som’s room first. Rekha feels uneasy. Kanchan suggests Gaura to keep Som away so that he can come closer to her fast. Som confronts Gaura and lashes out at her for calling Rekha a witch. Gaura says that was a mistake. Kanchan says it’s impossible. Som shows her a pendrive and says that he has proof. Kanchan says that Gaura was unaware that Rekha is her would be mother in law back then. Som asks her to not interfere between him and Gaura. Kanchan leaves being upset. Som says that Gaura won’t get her place in his heart and leaves.

Rekha sees everything and becomes happy. Gaura sees that Som is destroying all the arrangements in anger. Gaura approaches Rekha. Rekha feels apprehensive recalling Gaura’s anger. She tries to avoid her. Gaura goes infront of her. Gaura cries and begs for Rekha’s forgiveness. Rekha kicks Gaura and says it’s too later. She says that she won’t let Gaura stay at the house. She promises to return as Ghost after she dies, so that Gaura can’t live peacefully in the house ever. Rekha leaves. Gaura gets scared thinking about ghost. She cries seeing her room and asks God to give her a chance to prove herself innocent. She hopes for Som’s support the most. Both Som and Gaura are in pain.

Som compares Gaura with Twinkle and regrets for not marrying the latter. He feels bad for Rekha and calls himself a bad sing. Rekha talks about Som’s childhood while checking his belongings. She cries. She finds Som’s childhood photo and promises to kick Gaura out of his life. She again feels chest pain. Ganga tells Kanchan that she is very happy. She plans to gift Gaura a costly necklace for her first rasoi ritual. Kanchan gets jelous. Rekha also learns about the necklace. Rekha inquirers about Gaura’s whereabouts.

Kanchan says that Gaura is still inside the house. Gaura goes to take Rekha’s blessings after Ganga and Kanchan’s. Rekha removes her feet. Kanchan asks Rekha what she will gift Gaura for her first rasoi. Ganga says that she knows it. Rekha becomes clueless. Som walks hopelessly on the road and feels bad for not listening to Rekha earlier. Ganga asks Rekha to give keys/responsibilities of the kitchen to Gaura hereafter. Rekha asks for Ganga’s keys first. Ganga says that she doesn’t want to put burden on Rekha as her leg is fractured. Rekha stands on her feet.

Gaura becomes happy and thanks God. Rekha says that she is fine now and asks Ganga for house keys. Ganga says that she will think about it. She and Kanchan congratulate her. Ganga snatches the keys from Rekha and gives it to Gaura. Rekha looks angry. Kanchan asks Gaura to start preparing for first rasoi ritual. Rekha cries over her fate since her marriage. She hopes for Ganga’s death again. She feels bad for losing the keys of kitchen. Gaura wishes Rekha to give her the keys wishfully. She plans to win Rekha’s heart with her love and affection. The episode ends.

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