Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 4th February 2023 Written Update: Rekha gets blamed


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 4th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Twinkle calls Som. Chandu picks up the call and informs her that Ganga attempted suicide by jumping into river. Som and others have come to rescue her. Twinkle says that she is coming. Kanchan asks Gaura to leave in gesture. Gaura doesn’t understand. Som asks Kanchan for a 500 rupees note. Som offers it to Gaura as a reward. Rekha tells her husband that she is worried for Ganga as she has left home. He blames Rekha for it as she brought Twinkle going against Ganga. Rekha says that everyone approved Twinkle for Som. Her husband leaves angrily.

Twinkle comes there. Kanchan asks Gaura to keep the money and leave. Gaura asks why Som didn’t recognise her if he didn’t see her photo. Kanchan says that there is mud in Gaura’s face. She asks Gaura to leave as it’s not auspicious for her and Som to meet before marriage. Twinkle tells Som and others that since she got the news she was very worried. Som says Ganga is fine. Twinkle thanks God. Som’s sunglass falls from his pocket. Gaura picks it up. She shows Som to Chanchal. Chanchal points at Twinkle and asks who she is.

Gaura says that she must be Som’s sister. Ganga is brought home. Kanchan tells Twinkle that it’s inauspicious for her to come again and again before marriage. Rekha shows her false care and concern for her. Som blames Rekha for this situation. Rekha asks what’s her fault and says that she is ready to ask forgiveness. Twinkle gears up to leave, Kanchan stops her to show Rekha’s insult. Rekha cries and says that she is ready to leave home. She informs Som that she went for shopping with Twinkle in this condition just because Ganga wanted. She asks forgiveness. Som asks Ganga why she took the decision.

Ganga keeps quite and says that she is in pain. Twinkle applies balm on her feet. Rekha doesn’t like it. Gaura remembers Som and gets romantic dream. Chanchal comes there and says that she informed everything to Harish. Gaura tells Harish that she saw Som and Ganga is fine now. She hugs Laxmi and informs her about Som. Laxmi pulls her ear. Harish tells that he didn’t say no as he liked Som and his family. Laxmi gets to know that Harish still has the money and becomes happy. Radhe says that he will ask for cycle in marriage. Laxmi suggests him to ask for motor cycle instead. Doctor asks to keep Ganga happy always.

Rekha asks if Ganga has less days left in hand. Doctor says no. Twinkle takes Rekha’s permission for leaving. Rekha asks her to take permission from Ganga and Kanchan. She asks Som to see Twinkle off. Twinkle asks Som to not stress. Som says that he wants everyone to stay happy and united. Twinkle says that dispute is common in every family and she will keep everyone happy after marriage. Som says that Ganga was happy seeing her and asks her to come tomorrow again. Twinkle hugs Som. Rekha thinks that Ganga tried to outsmart her today and plans to stay more careful. She plans to know Ganga’s planning by making her drink milk. The episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan tells Som that one side there is Ganga another side Twinkle. Som says that he feels Twinkle will be perfect daughter in law of the house and he promised to marry her. He adds that if he gets married he will marry Twinkle only. Ganga asks what about her promise that she made to another girl. Rekha asks who is this girl, what’s her name and identity.

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