Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 4th March 2023 Written Update: Rekha’s sudden death


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 4th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Rekha feels that her life has become valueless and she prays to God to take her life. She wishes to become a witch specifically Champak Churel so that she can take revenge against everyone. The weather changes all of a sudden. Gaura comes there to serve Kheer to Rekha which she made for her pehli rasoi ritual. Rekha stands up and throws away the dish. She asks her to stay away as she is not at peace since Gaura has come to the house. She warns her to not come to her room again otherwise she will beat her. Gaura leaves the room. Rekha gets scared seeing Black shadow in her room. She goes to bed and hides her face with her veil.

The black shadow enters inside her body. Ganga, Kanchan enjoy the food prepared by Gaura. They praise Gaura’s cooking skills. Ganga worries thinking about the weather. Kanchan says that the weather is sympathising with Rekha. Kanchan informs Rekha that Som did not return home yet as Rekha has instigated him against Gaura. Ganga says that time will make Som forget everything. She asks Kanchan to call Gaura so that she can give her gift for the ritual. She gives ecard of safe to Kanchan and asks her to keep the costly necklace there for sometimes.

Gaura plans to not give up but give oil massage to Rekha. She gets worried seeing the bad weather. She asks God to help her in convincing Rekha. She hopes for some miracle so that Rekha doesn’t stay angry with her. Kanchan looks excited seeing the necklace. She calls Rahul and asks her to come home. Gaura comes to Rekha’s room. She starts massaging Rekha’s feet. Rekha shouts and wakes up. She scolds Gaura for applying too hot oil on her foot. She goes to slap Gaura but fails to touch her. Rekha becomes clueless.

Gaura suddenly notices that Rekha’s body is lying on her bed and she is talking to Rekha’s ghost till now. She rubs her eyes in disbelief. She feels that she is hallucinating as she is seeing two Rekha. Rekha sees her body and her mind gets blown. She blames Gaura for it. Rekha wonders if she has died and became a ghost. She learns that Gaura can both see and hear her. Rekha says that she has died and turned into an witch. Gaura screams as she gets scared. She says ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ and faints. Halchal comes to meet Som and says that he will drop him home. Som says that he can’t face Rekha.

Halchal says that Rekha will forgive him. Som smiles and hugs him. Twinkle spots Som. Som tells Halchal that he will purchase gift for Rekha from their own store. Twinkle follows Som. Rekha plans to wake Gaura up. She fails to touch the water jug. Gaura wakes up and sees that Rekha is struggling to touch the jug. She gets scared and tries to leave. Rekha looks at the door and it gets shut. Gaura chants Ram Naam. Rekha asks her to check if her body is still breathing. Gaura finds out that Rekha’s body is not breathing. Rekha asks her to bring mirror. Gaura asks if she should bring her red lipstick too. Rekha mocks her. The episode ends.

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