Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 6th March 2023 Written Update: Rekha scares Gaura


Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 6th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Rekha asks Gaura to check if her body is still breathing using the mirror. Gaura checks and says no. Rekha then asks her to show mirror to her. Gaura does the same. Rekha checks and says that there is no reflection of herself in the mirror. Gaura gets scared and drops the mirror. It breaks. She screams ‘Bhoot’. Rekha scolds her. Gaura gets hurt as a broken glass piece gets stuck in her feet. Rekha asks her to do first-aid. She calls Gaura 4th pass and scolds her for calling her bhoot again and again. According to Rekha, she is still alive.

Kanchan gives her necklace to Rahul and says that she will give it to his wife/Twinkle. She asks Rahul to bring a duplicate necklace to give to Gaura. Rahul happily agrees and leaves. Gaura gets scared and hides herself in the cupboard. Rekha toungelashes her and says she won’t let her live in peace for calling her Champak Churel again and again. Gaura says that she seeked forgiveness already. Rekha sarcastically says ok, she will kick Gaura out of Som’s life and ask for forgiveness. Gaura asks God to help her. Rekha enters inside the cupboard using her superpower and scares Gaura.

Rekha says that she always wanted an educated daughter in law. Gaura says that she will prove herself to be worthy of Som and asks her to leave her. Rekha gives permission. Gaura goes out of the cupboard and comes face to face with Rekha again. She trips and falls. Rekha wonders if her body is breathing now and asks Gaura to check again. Gaura checks and replies no. Som buys a saree for Rekha and shows it to Halchal. He says that he will say sorry to Rekha and starts afresh. Twinkle sees him and thinks that Som has bought Saree for Gaura. She plans to inform about it to Rekha.

Rekha fails to pick up the phone and asks Gaura to help her. Gaura picks up the call. Rekha talks to Twinkle. Twinkle fails to hear Rekha’s words and cuts the call. Rekha thinks that there must be some network issues. Gaura falls on bed and touches Rekha’s feet. She says it’s colder than icecream. Rekha asks her to contact the doctor. Someone knocks the door. Rekha asks her to open the door. She asks her to not inform anything to anyone until doctor checks her body. Gaura agrees. She opens the door and meets Chanchal.

Chanchal asks Gaura if she is stressed. Gaura says no. Chanchal informs Gaura that Ganga and Kanchan are looking for her. She asks Gaura what she is doing at Rekha’s room. Gaura says that she is massaging Rekha’s feet. Twinkle comes infront of Som’s bike. Some goons follow Twinkle. Som goes behind them to save her. Gaura tells Chanchal that Rekha is sleeping as Chanchal asks her about Rekha’s activities.

Chanchal leaves. Rekha mocks Gaura for collecting cowdung with Chanchal in past. Gaura says that she has no shame to talk about it as it was bringing bread and butter for her family. Rekha asks Gaura to contact the doctor again. Rekha looks at door. The door gets opened. Rekha feels good about her spooky superpowers. The episode ends.

Precap – Two men visit Rekha in her room. Rekha asks them what they are doing in her room and who they are. They introduce themselves as Yamduts and claim that they have come to take her with them.

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