Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 9th March 2023 Written Update: Ganga, Kanchan become happy


In today’s episode, Rekha stops Kanchan by showing her empty wheelchair. Kanchan wonders Rekha’s whereabouts. Rekha signals Gaura to escape. Gaura does the same. Kanchan calls her weird. She passes through Rekha’s ghost and feels cold. She feels it’s due to raining she is feeling cold. She goes to check Rekha. Rekha understands that Kanchan can’t see her too. Kanchan screams and tries to wake up Rekha’s dead body. She figures out that Rekha is no more. She becomes happy but pretends to be sad.

Rekha thinks that her ghost will forever stay at Shukla residence if not her body. Kanchan calls Som and informs him about Rekha’s death. Som is in disbelief. She asks him to come soon. Gaura wonders where to hide the jewlery. Rekha asks her to hide it in a secret place. She asks Gaura to hide inside the sofa material and sew it. Gaura obeys her order. She sympathies with Rekha and worries thinking about her next step. Kanchan shares her good news with Ganga. Ganga gets relieved and happy. She asks how did this happen.

Kanchan says that Gaura feed Rekha the kheer she made. Ganga wonders if Gaura spiked the kheer and praises her. Som comes home. Ganga, Kanchan pretend to be sad infront of him. Kanchan suggests Ganga to avoid overacting unnecessarily. Som calls Rekha but her body doesn’t respond. He shows the saree and foot accessories he bought for her. He cries for Rekha. Rekha gets emotional seeing Som’s state. Som admits his faults and wishes to seek her forgiveness. He recalls the moments he spent with Rekha.

Rekha’s ghost tries to touch and comfort Som but in vain. Som cries holding Rekha’s dead body. Gaura calls herself unlucky as Rekha died and become a ghost as soon as she stepped inside the house. Ganga, Kanchan see Som crying holding Rekha’s dead body. Ganga becomes happy thinking that she won’t see Rekha anymore. Rekha decides to teach her and Kanchan a lesson. Som regrets and says her decision was right. Rekha feels bad for him. Rekha says that Ganga is not bad but she spoiled Som’s life to oppose her.

Rekha decides to not forgive Kanchan and Ganga for this. Ganga asks Kanchan to click photos of Rekha’s dead body. She does the same. Ramesh gets clueless seeing everything. Som requests God to send her mother back. Kanchan asks God to not listen to Som’s prayer. Ganga, Kanchan sheds fake tears for Rekha using lemon drops in their eyes. Pardesi cries thinking who will bribe him for each task hereafter.

Ramesh wonders if Rekha is doing dramma and tries to verify. Gaura cries seeing Som’s tears. She says that she will stand by Som in this moment of grief. She gears up to approach Som but Rekha warns her to stay away from him. She says that Som is not weak and doesn’t need Gaura’s support. Gaura says that Som needs her and she can’t see him crying. Her hair gets stuck somewhere. She feels pain. The episode ends.

Precap – Ganga orders Kanchan to remove Gaura so that Som does not see her. Rekha asks Gaura to not approach Som otherwise the consequences will be bad. Gaura begs Rekha to spare her. Kanchan sees her talking to someone and gets clueless.