Mithai 10th August 2022 Written Update: Sid supports Mithai in front of Apeksha


Mithai 10th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid coming to Mithai’s place. Mithai asks him if everything is fine at home. Sid says nothing is fine. Agarwal asked Karishma for Aditya and everyone agreed to the alliance but I tried to stop it but they didn’t listen and I feel Pramod is planning something and Abha aunty joined them too. Harimohan says they have to stop it. Sid says he has an idea. Mithai praises Sid for thinking about the solution. Sid smiles. He tells divide and rule will be the best. Mithai asks what’s it. Sid says they need to separate Abha and Pramod to solve many problems.

Mithai asks why he is rotating things without telling directly. Sid says you can’t understand it directly. They argue with each other about their idea. Harimohan and others leave them alone. Sid shuts Mithai. He says you’re like an instant coffee and it’s my mistake to not realize your ability. Mithai says she did it because of him. Sid says they can achieve their target if they work together. Mithai dances happily. She is about fall but Sid holds her.

Sid tells Mithai that they have to separate Abha and Pramod. Apeksha hears it. Mithai asks him to allow her to do it in her way. Sid agrees. Apeksha enters inside and asks if he is learning the wrong things and plotting from Mithai. Mithai asks her to not talk about plotting as you’re a master in it.

Apeksha asks Indu if her disease is real or fake as your daughter who came from small town trapped a guy like Sid and become a malkin of Mithai shop. She mocks Mithai. Sid stops Apeksha. He supports Mithai and warns Apeksha to not talk wrongly about Mithai as she knows and understands me better than you and this girl’s ambition is to make Jalebi world famous and to open her Dad’s shop but your ambition is to marry me. Apeksha asks why he is talking to her in this way for Mithai. She loves him.

Sid says you just love to marry a rich guy and what if my dad disowns me from the property? Will you be able to stay with me in one room? Apeksha says Girish won’t do it. Sid says it’s not an answer to my question. He asks will she support him if he opens the shop rejecting Singapore’s offer. Apeksha doubtfully says yes. Sid says her answer is visible in her face and Mithai supports me in any situation unlike you so stop insulting Mithai infront of me. Harimohan tells his wife that two hearts are uniting.

Apeksha says you didn’t do good Sid and you hurt me badly so I will expose your plan. She leaves. Shubham asks Sid to stop Apeksha otherwise she will spoil our plan. Mithai says Dadu ka Potha. Sid asks if she wants him to kidnap her. Mithai gets an idea. She runs beside Apeksha and makes her unconscious by hitting her head with a stick. She takes Apeksha to the room with Sid’s help. They tie Apeksha to bed. Mithai tells her plan to everyone. Sid says he is with her and shakes her hand. Mithai asks Sid to message Girish from Apeksha’s phone that Apeksha is going to stay with her mom because of her fight with Sid. Girish notices the message.

The next day, Mithai meets Abha while she is going to the mandir. Sid jogs with Pramod. Mithai tells Abha how much she earns in her business. Abha asks her to leave. Pramod can’t jog. Sid asks him to stay away from sweets. He shows Abha is meeting Mithai. Abha asks Mithai to allow her to leave as she needs to pray for Karishma’s wellbeing as her marriage is fixed. Mithai congratulate hugging her. She leaves. Pramod goes to Abha and why she is hugging Mithai. Abha tells what happened and goes to the temple. Sid says he feels something fishy and it’s like Mithai joined her hand with Agarwal and Abha aunty. Pramod looks doubtful.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Sid saying to Mithai that they can’t compete with them. Girish says to Dadu, I accept your challenge and promise you that I will make you close this shop in the next 30 days or you will make it in my name. Mithai says you’re challenging your Dad, I accept this challenge on Dadu’s behalf and challenge you that in the next 30 days I’ll close your two shops. Abha calls Mithai shameless. Hari Mohan says the original behavior of people won’t change. He asks them to leave. They leave. Shubham and Sid ask Mithai how can she close two shops in 30 days. Mithai asks them to think positively. Sid asks Harimohan to explain Mithai. Hari Mohan says once she said then it’s done and we have to help Mithai as she already accepted the challenge. Mithai asks who supports her. Everyone supports her. Sid tells them he has to leave to his Dad before anyone sees that he is with them. They get shocked seeing Apeksha there.

Apeksha asks what’s he doing as everyone left. Sid says she challenged Dad so I left here to confront her. Mithai asks him to see the dream of defeating her as she is going to win the challenge. Sid hints that he will fail Apeksha’s trap by saving his grandparents. Mithai says you can’t take this shop so show papers to Apeksha as she is the daughter of a lawyer and asks him to show her by winning the challenge. Sid says let’s leave. Apeksha stops him and asks Mithai why she is acting proud like Sid’s wife after signing the divorce papers. Hari Mohan and others get shocked. Apeksha asks her to stop dreaming of becoming an owner and back to your Munni. Apeksha and Sid leave.

At home Girish vents his frustration. Abha suggests him to use video. Sid comes there with Apeksha. He says if she wants him to get jailed. He asks Girish if he wants shop or son. Girish says he has the strength to open more shop. He asks Abha to be careful while talking. Pramod says they can easily win challenge.

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