Mithai 11th August 2022 Written Update: Girish apologizes to Abha


Mithai 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Apeksha being tied to a bed. Apeksha becomes conscious and tries to get out of it. Chandrakantha says to Apeksha don’t try to shout we are the only ones in this house. If we become unconscious then she will be like this only. Chandrakantha says she will remove the tape and asks her not to shout. When Chandrakantha takes off the tape. She shouts and says they are doing wrong with her. Chandrakantha says 12 hrs went away in your sleep and the next 12 hrs will go and then she can go. Indu talks to Chandrakantha and says why are telling her this. Chandrakantha tries to convince her to stay quiet for the rest of the 12 hrs. Indu says she might be hungry. Indu says she will check what is in the kitchen. Apeksha thinks what is going to happen in this 12 hrs.

Sid thinks he has to get out of Gireesh’s hands in these 12 hrs. Mithai calls Girish and tells him the status of her present business. Girish asks why is she telling him this. Mithai says after all I am your daughter in law. If I don’t share my happiness with you with who can I share it. Mithai says there is Vibhishan in his Lanka. Sid talks to Girish and says Abha met Mithai. Girish asks Sid why didn’t he tell about this sooner. Sid says if it is that important Abha would have said it herself.

Pramod and Geethika come to the Chobe house. They greet Abha and talk about Krsihnastami and how grandly they do it everytime. Girish comes down stairs and asks Abha why did she meet Mithai. Abha says she ran into me and she was not leaving me. Mithai calls Girish again and says tomorrow is Krishna ka janmdin and tomorrow I am going to come. Girish asks Abha if she colluded with Mithai and goes to check whether the divorce papers and the video are there or not. Sid comes behind him. Sid asks if everything is alright. Girish says yes and says he made an extra copy of the video to be safe. Sid says you look quite ahead. You are the only one who can save me from Mithai. Girish says tomorrow is a court holiday after that he says he will file for their divorce. Sid says first we should take care of the shop case after that we should take care of the divorce. Girish says we will handle both of them at the same time.

Abha cries that Girish is doubting that she joined hands with Mithai. Abhishek tries to console her. She says Bhai Saab is suspecting because of that Mithai. Sid and Girish come there. Mithai enters. She asks Girish how he will manage everyone as they are doubting each other for a normal meeting. Girish questions why she enters his place. Sid stops him saying he will talk. Mithai gives them things sent by Harimohan for Gopal ji birthday without forgetting his responsibility. Sid gives them to Sourya. Sid says he is not son of his Dad if he didn’t release his grandparents from her. He leaves with Sid after promising family members that he will bring his grandparents to Janmashtami. Girish apologizes to Abha for suspecting her.

Sid tells Everyone that they need to collect Pendrive and paper from the locker so we need to take the key from Girish and we need to delete videos from the phone too. Harimohan says Krishnastami is a festival where truth wins over bad so do your work. He says it’s the first Janmashtami he is celebrating outside his home. Mithai asks him to pack his luggage and leave with Sid. She tells her plan and tells them that the next day she will enter Chobey’s house in the new Avatar. Apeksha listens to everything. Sid asks Harimohan to make Girish believe that he saved them from Mithai. Sid sees Apeksha and she acts like she is not in sense.

Agarwal and Aditya come to Chobey’s house. Abha brings Karishma. Aditya smiles. Agarwal says this alliance is good for both families. Abhishek agrees. Sid brings Harimohan and Chandrakantha. He says that he proved to them that Mithai is wrong and bring them home. Chandrakantha says they realised their mistake. Girish takes their blessings and asks them to come inside to check the arrangements. Harimohan sees Girish’s phone. He acts like dizzy and makes Girish’s phone falls down.

Everyone feels worried. Harimohan apologizes to Girish for breaking his phone. Girish tells he will take a new phone. Harimohan asks them to start preparations. Everyone leaves. Sid says to Harimohan that Mithai must come in 3 hours to delete proofs. Later The chobey prays to Gopal for their family’s wellbeing. They start getting Krishna Ji ready. Sid waits for Mithai. Mithai and Shubham discuss how to enter inside. They see people enter there like Radha and Krishna. Mithai says she got an idea.

Episode ends.

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