Mithai 11th July 2022 Written Update: Girish and Abhishek join Pramod’s conspiracy against Sid


Mithai 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Girish asking Deepti on call if there is any way to make Sid back out from the business. She denies. Shubham comes there and asks him to not take the stress. He says they can make Sid understand by talking to Sid. Girish says he doesn’t need his support to talk with his son. He asks him to leave and calls him an orphan and warns him to not involve in their family matters. Harimohan hears it.

Shubham says I was raised in this house and I know how to convince Sid. Girish slaps him and warns him to stop trying to become his son. Shubham leaves. Girish throws things on the table. Harimohan leaves and comes infront of Girish and tells him that he came to recall his worth. Girish asks what’s it. Harimohan says you’re mistreating Shubham so it’s needed to make you know your worth. He shows him some certificate. Girish gets shocked.

Apeksha warns Mithai to not come in between her and Sid. Mithai says she wants to make her business popular and want Dadu’s business to run successfully. Apeksha says Sid is not interested in this business so stop forcing Sid and your level is the street range so leave with the food you get. Mithai says she is trustable to them because of that food and tells her that friends’ responsibility is to show a good way. Apeksha asks her to shut up. Sid stops them. They argue again. Sid warns them to shut up.

Girish asks why he saved it till now. Harimohan says it’s the birth certificate of Shubham and he is your illegitimate son, not an orphan. Girish asks him to say it slowly. Harimohan says Aarti has a big heart and brings him to this house. Girish says he forced Aarti at him. Harimohan says he didn’t force another woman on him and you fail in both cases and think what will happen if the truth comes out. He leaves. Girish burns the certificate thinking he may lose all his relations and his kid’s trust if this truth comes out. Girish calls Pramod and tells him that he is agreeing to his plan. He tells some suggestions. Pramod agrees.

Abha tells her husband that Pramod’s plan is good. Pramod calls Abhishek and tells him that Girish agreed to his plan. Abhishek tells him he is with him too. Pramod feels happy. He calls Agarwal and asks him to forward the plan and make them get the shops. Agarwal asks if he remembers condition. Pramod agrees and asks him to not reveal to anyone that he is conspiring with them.

Mithai says to Sid you say to yourself you don’t know anything about sweets. Apeksha tells him you are going to teach a Mtech graduate what to do. Mithai says there is no big teacher than life itself. Apeksha asks who do you think you are. Mithai says she is a sweet maker. Harimohan comes and asks them what is going on.

Apeksha tells him Mithai is telling us that our studies are useless. Mithai says something philosophical and Harimohan agrees with her. Harimohan tells Sid to take Mithai’s help. Sid says what Mithai said is right I am not good for this. But you know what the reason is for I hate this business. I will make you proud by doing this business but I will not need anyone’s help.

Sid tries to check the files related to the business and Apeksha brings him tea. Apeksha says she is going to help him. Sid asks you and I don’t know anything in this business what are we going to do. Apeksha says accounts. Girish sees this and thinks Deepti is right Apeksha is the best partner for Sid. Sid says you are right. From now in you can take over the accounts. Pramod gets feared hearing this. Pramod asks Girish to help him.

Girish says his hands are tied if he wants he can talk to Sid directly. Pramod goes and talks to Sid that accounts is his department. Pramod asks him if he needs any help. Sid says he will need a lot of help and says they are going to come tomorrow. Pramod thinks to himself if they check accounts then he will be revealed. Pramod thinks you are going to come tomorrow right come. I will do it so that father and son will learn a lesson.

Mithai brings tea to Abhishek and Abha. Abha doesn’t take it. Harimohan tells her to take it. Sid comes down prepared to go. Chandrakantha asks him where is he going this early. Sid says now he is going to take over the business so I have to go according to its time. In the morning they prepare sweets and I am going to watch over them. Harimohan wishes him and Mithai also does. Abha calls that Sid is coming.

Episode ends.

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