Mithai 13th August 2022 Written Update: Sid saves Mithai from Agarwal’s men


Mithai 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid saying to Apeksha that he regrets having a friend like her. He tells ” he is legally married to Mithai and whatever proofs they have against them is burned so her plan to make him marry her is failed,” He asks her to leave if she has any shame. Apeksha leaves. Mithai feels worried for her mother. They rush to their house. Mithai asks Indu if she is fine. Indu tells her she is fine. Sid asks them to pack their luggage. Indu says they will come after some time. Sid leaves telling Mithai that he needs her support at his house to deal with family problems. Mithai asks Indu to take a rest.

Abhishek asks Girish to not worry. Abha says it’s all because of Mithai. Girish says Sod and Dad cheated on me and don’t know whom I need to trust. Agarwal comes there and says to Girish, I just want to say your real enemy is Mithai, not your son or father, and tell him how they can get rid of Mithai. Girish agrees with Agarwal and asks him to send Mithai far from the city. Abha says it’s a good decision. Agarwal tells them they are going to be a family so their problem is his problem too. Girish hugs him. Pramod smirks seeing them.

Indu sees Mithai’s attire and asks if she is going to sell Mithai. Mithai tells her she is going to her Sasural. Indu scolds her for thinking to go in that attire. She takes her inside to get her ready. Hari Mohan happily tells Sharma that they are waiting to welcome their daughter in law. Pramod says to Girish that Agarwal man doesn’t let Mithai come here and your Dad’s happiness will disappear soon. Mithai reminds her mom that it’s not a real marriage. Indu says she saw a change in Sid and he wants your companionship so dress up like a bride.

From the outside, Shubham agrees with Indu. He tells Dadu and Dadi are waiting to welcome her. He places things sent by Harimohan on the table. Indu takes them inside and asks Mithai to get ready. Shubham says to Mithai, come downstairs when you are done getting ready, I’m waiting. Hari Mohan video calls Mithai. He says this is my order, get ready and come back home as our daughter in law. He asks Sid to tell Mithai. Sid asks her to come soon as Dadu is waiting for her.

Indu helps Mithai to get ready. Indu says she is looking beautiful. Agarwal’s men hit Shubham with a stick on his head and he becomes unconscious. The Goons carry him away. The Goons come into the house. Indu sees them and tries to stop them but they push her aside and go to Mithai.

The Goons call Agarwal and ask what should they do with Mithai. Agarwal tells them to end her. Harimohan asks Chandrakantha why hasn’t Mithai come till now. The Goons try to take Mithai but Indu asks her to run away. Mithai tries to talk to Indu but Indu doesn’t listen. Pramod tells Abha that Mithai’s chapter is over today.

Abha comments on it. Sid thinks of what happened and Indu calls Sid and tells him that Mithai’s life is in danger. Someone is trying to abduct Mithai. Mithai is shown to be running away from the Goons. Mithai hides from them. But they see her and Mithai tries to run from them but the Goons round her up. They see Mithai has a lot of ornaments on her. Mithai says she will give all the ornaments and asks them to let her go. While taking off the ornaments she asks why are they doing this. One of the Goons asks her why she fights with big people.

Mithai gives them all the ornaments and she tries to go but they don’t allow her and ask for her Mangalsutra also. Mithai doesn’t let them take the Mangalsutra. Mithai struggles with the Goons. In the struggle Mangalsutra flies and Sid catches the Mangalsutra. The Goons go to Sid to get the Mangalsutra. Sid doesn’t care about them and goes to Mithai and helps Mithai wear it. When a Goon taps on Sid’s shoulder he elbows the Goon. Sid fights with the Goons.

Episode ends.

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