Mithai 16th August 2022 Written Update: Harimohan reveals to everyone that Shubham is an illegitimate child of Girish


Mithai 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harimohan saying to Mithai and Sid he used to do Krishna Janmadin every year, but the gift he gave me today is the best. Harimohan tells them to be careful. Mithai says she always is and this time Sid is with her. Sid also says there is no need to worry.

Sid asks Mithai to sleep on the bed but she doesn’t agree to sleep after some convincing she agrees. After they change clothes Sid switches off the AC as Mithai can’t sleep in the AC. Mithai sees that and tells him to on the AC. They do the switch on and off taking the AC remote for one and another and beacuse of it the fuse of the AC stops working. Sid switches off the lights to sleep. Mithai sees that Sid is sleeping and imitates what he is doing with his hand. Sid opens his eyes and sees that and asks what she is doing and tells her turn on that side to sleep. Mithai again turns and sees Sid sleeping. Sid also opens his eyes and sees that Mithai is sleeping. Mithai hears the snoring sound and thinks a lion came into the house and tells it to Sid. Sid says it’s not a Lion and shows the video of her snoring on the phone. Mithai says this video is fake this is me in the video but the sound is of a lion. Sid asks so you think I edited the video. Mithai says yes and tries to take phone from Sid. After some struggle they both fall on the bed. Sid gets up and says he is going to freshen up. Mithai thinks she should delete the video from Sid’s phone or he will black mail her.

Shubham knocks on the door and Sid invites him inside. Shubham asks Sid do you know who sent the Goons yesterday.Sid asks who. Shubham says Agarwal joined hands with our family and sent the Goons. Shubham is shown to be hearing accidentally when Abha is talking about it. Sid goes to confront Girish about it. Mithai asks him not to go. But Sid still goes to confront him.

Sid confronts Girish about it. Girish doesn’t admit it at first. Sid makes Abha swear on Karishma and asks Abha if they conspired against Mithai or not. Abha says yes. Sid says to Girish that Shubham heard them talking.

Girish says to Shubham that he didn’t allow him to call him father so you backstab me like this and tries to slap him. Harimohan holds Shubham’s hand. Harimohan says to Girish I told you in private to behave with Shubham but now let’s talk inftont of the people. Harimohan asks Girish what is his relationship with Shubham is he going to say it or want me to reveal it. Girish stays silent. Harimohan reveals that Shubham is illegitimate child of Girish and he is Girish’s eldest son. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Harimohan scolds him. Shubham asks Girish so you are my father. Sid stops Shubham and says don’t call him father he doesn’t deserve it. He is a shame on the name of father. Sid says I used to first not like you but now I hate you. Sid says to Girish if there is God he prays to him that he won’t give a father like him to anyone else. Girish walks away hearing it.

Harimohan says he should have told the truth a long time ago. Mithai says to Sid, Shubham is this house eldest son he should get his rights. Sid agrees and says he is going to tell everyone that Shubham is the eldest son of this house.

Pramod talks to Girish and says Sid decided he is going to announce Shubham’s true identity. Girish says he is not going to let this happen. If all the people know that I had an extra marital affair then my reputation will be destroyed. Pramod gives an idea to Girish saying that before Sid destroys your reputation you should oust Sid from your inheritance and he will go to the court to fight for it. Girish agrees to the idea. Pramod call the lawyer to talk about it. They go to the lawyer. Indu hears them talking and she tells Mithai what happened. Mithai asks Indu not to tell anyone and says she will think of a way.

Girish, Pramod and Abha go to the lawyer. Girish says to the lawyer he wants to remove Sid out of his inheritance. The lawyer says Pramod has said everything. The lawyer says the papers are ready and gives it to Girish to check them. While Girish is reading Pramod spikes a glass of water.

Episode ends

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