Mithai 18th July 2022 Written Update: Indu scolds Mithai for her act in the court


Mithai 16th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with The Lawyer submitting answer sheets to the judge. The judge gets to know Sid’s favorites and tally them. Apeksha thinks she knows him better. Judge asks Mithai to tell what’s her ambition as Sid wrote that question. Mithai tells them she wants to make her Mithai world famous. She announces Sid is her prince. The judge asks the Lawyer to tell the answers to everyone. The lawyer reveals their answers got matched. Judge asks Lawyer if he had any questions. Lawyer denies. The judge grants the bail to Sid and gives him 48 hours to prove his innocence. He tells Mithai has to bear the punishment if her testimony is proved wrong. Apeksha tells Mithai that she will teach her a lesson.

At the home, Indu scolds Mithai for her act. Mithai asks her to listen to her. Indu asks who will marry her knowing her confession in the court. Mithai says Gopal Ji knows my innocence and doesn’t worry about the world. Indu says until now I want to see your marriage before I die but now I regret living to see this day. Mithai asks her to not say in this way, Dadu helped us so much and I did it to help him. Apeksha thinks why she didn’t think like Mithai then she may get Sid permanently and Mithai defeated me. She sees Sid’s photo and says no one can snatch him from her. Apeksha asks Sid photo how Mithai know about you and how you know about her dream. She receives call from Upadhyay. Upadhyay tells her something. Apeksha tells Sid’s photo that she will trap Mithai in her plan and get her arrested.

Chandrakanta asks Harimohan why he looks happy when so much happening at home? You don’t know how many insults Mithai face. Harimohan says he thought about Mithai too. Chandrakanta asks how he will prove the fake story. Harimohan says it’s Gopal Ji’s magic to unite Mithai and Sid so let’s see what happens.

Apeksha tells Sid that Upadhyay will arrive shortly. Sid tells her she is his good friend. Apeksha says I’m hurt by Mithai’s confession and she wants to win you. Sid says he is not a toy and won’t let Mithai’s lies become true. Apeksha cries on his shoulder. Sid says he can’t bear Mithai and her story will be fake forever. Apeksha asks him to marry her so Mithai gets arrested. Sid says he doesn’t want to marry anyone. Apeksha says Mithai’s intentions are wrong. Sid says Dadu trusts her and she is not that selfish. Apeksha says no girl can give that type of testimony in court and I feel she did to get you as you’re heir of the property. Sid says your doubt might be right and I won’t let her play with me. Chobey’s family members discuss Mithai trapped them. Abha says it’s tough to prove they are in a hotel room as Sid hates Mithai and lies. Mithai says that’s why you guys are scared as you guys joined with Agarwal. Pramod asks how dare she to say it. Mithai says you don’t want truth to be out that’s why you’re helpless in saving Sid.

Episode ends.