Mithai 1st August 2022 Written Update: Apeksha invites Mithai to her birthday party with a motive


Mithai 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai telling Apeksha that it’s memorable and she will be happy for a lifetime for making her husband’s friend dance on her muh Dikayi. She sits with Sid. Apeksha asks why to compete when she can’t dance. Sid stops her. He asks Mithai why to dance when she can deny it. Aditya comes there with a gift. He signs Hi to Karishma.

 Mithai says Sid that Aditya may come here to spy on us. Sid agrees. They praise their look. Sid feels sweet to Mithai and tells her that he will make Aditya learn his lesson. Aditya congratulates Sid and says he came to forward hand for friendship. Sid shakes his hand and says they are still competitors. Girish asks Harimohan why they are entertaining him. Harimohan says he can move forward if he carries on the relationship.

 Sid says their completion is on. Aditya says the difference is you’re in the first standard but I’m a graduate in business. Lady calls them to have food. Harimohan asks Aditya to join them. Aditya leaves telling he has work. He sees Karishma and thinks he will break the house and they don’t even know how he dies it. Girish says don’t know why Aditya came here.

Harimohan asks Chandrakantha to start Nach gaana. Ladies dances happily. Abha prepares something in the kitchen. Karishma asks what’s she doing. Abha tells her she going to make Mithai humiliated. Shubham hears their conversation. Abha sprays some powder on Mithai. Mithai goes aside because of itching.

Shubham asks Sid to check Mithai as Chachi threw something at her. Mithai pallu gets removed. Sid covers her and takes her from there by lifting her in his arms. Harimohan sees them. Everyone leaves. He goes upstairs and asks Sid what happened. Sid says Mithai is having severe itching and you know whose work it’s.

Harimohan comes downstairs. Abha asks him to not blame them. Harimohan says he didn’t point anyone. Mithai calls Sid upstairs. Sid says he knows who did it. Mithai calls him. He goes.

Mithai asks Sid to not reveal it as it will create more differences between the family members. Sid says it’s needed to solve it when it’s small so it’s needed to expose Abha Chachi. Mithai says this truth will break your grandparents so listen to your heart and wrong happened with me and I forgave them.

Sid says you don’t know about family as you don’t have experience in staying with joint family and people say you used the situation and entered the house and you can’t do with your words so I’m challenging you so first make your name and identity. Mithai says very soon she will do it and you stay in a joint family but you don’t know about family and it’s my matter and I’m leaving it.

The next day, Apeksha comes to meet Sid and tells him that she is feeling sad as for the first time in these 15 years he forgot her birthday. Sid wishes her a happy birthday. Apeksha asks him to attend the birthday party. Sid says he can’t. She threatens to cancel her birthday. He agrees to attend the party.

Apeksha asks him to attend a party with Mithai to avoid the gossiping. He agrees. She thinks today something will happen which you won’t even imagine in your dreams. She leaves. Sid asks Mithai to get ready for Apeksha’s birthday in the evening.  She agrees. Dadi sees Mithai and tells her to leave getting ready. Mithai says she is ready. Dadi says not in this way and she makes her get ready.

Sid looks on seeing her. She asks won’t he getting late. Apeksha receives guests. She calls Sid to know if he is coming or not. He doesn’t attend her call. She sees Mithai and says you. Mithai says don’t worry as he is here too. Sid wishes her. Apeksha hugs him. She asks how he reached late. She says it might be because of Mithai. She says she loves orchids and he knows it. He says Mithai selected them. Apeksha returns to Mithai saying she is feeling itchy. Mithai doubts Apeksha’s intentions.

Episode ends.

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