Mithai 20th July 2022 Written Update: Indu requests Harimohan to save Mithai


Mithai 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shubham saying to Sid he investigated the worker he never came to our workshop before and when he came this happened. Sid asks why didn’t he meet him. Shubham says he is under witness protection. Sid asks Shubham for his address and he asks not to tell anyone. Shubham agrees and goes to bring the address.

Sid thinks of what happened and when he is in jail only two people came to save him. Sid says he doesn’t understand why is she doing it. Apeksha brings soup for Sid. Sid says he is not in the mood to drink. Apeksha says if she gave the testimony in the court that you are with me then the court would have believed as we are childhood friends and we can also marry. Sid says not to do something stupid like Mithai. We are just friends that’s all. Apekaha expresses her feelings for Sid and says she really loves him. Sid gets a call and says he has to take the call. Sid runs into Girish and he walks away.

Girish meets Apeksha and asks her to not worry. Apeksha asks if Sid ever agrees to marry her. Girish says everything happens according to your Mom’s advice as you’re the solution to our problem so wait for sometime.

Mithai thinks everyone misunderstood her including Sid. She tells Gopal Ji that she will go to jail for 1-2 years but she is worried thinking about what happens to her mom but I know you, Dadu, and Sid takes care of her. Some men mock Mithai reading the paper. Mithai scolds them. One man says her Dad may never face society if he is alive. Mithai raises the stick. Sid comes there and asks won’t they have any work then defaming others. Those men say Sid has an affair with Apeksha too and question which hotel currently they are going. Sid tries to beat them but Mithai takes him. Indu meets Harimohan and pleads him to save Mithai and Mithai is taking the blame and she doesn’t know what society thinks because of it and my heart is breaking. Harimohan asks her to don’t worry as I will talk with Mithai and will fulfill the wish of Aarti.

Mithai asks Sid to leave. Sid asks what’s your motive? you don’t want to marry me then tell me if you came to steal us. Mithai says I’m selfish so stay away. Sid asks how much money she needs to save him. Mithai thinks and tells him she needs the happiness of Dadu and I don’t know how much money it costs so ask him. Sid asks her to stop her drama. Mithai asks him to leave her alone as she wants alone time before going to jail. Sid tells her he is going to Kishore’s house to prove his innocence. Mithai says she visited his home long back. Sid asks why she didn’t tell anyone. Mithai asks him to sit on her cycle saying she will take him. Sid asks her to sit in the back. She guides him.

Abha says they are not getting way. Pramod says he agrees that he did bad but it’s to get back business. Girish asks him to involve with Agarwal if he wants but this time I will solve it in my style. Abhishek says they are trapped in a fake case because of property and it’s good if we think about how to save Sid. Girish says Sid gets released then we can send Sid to Singapore by getting Apeksha married to him and she is smart and make me get properties.

Abha and others look unhappy. Mithai takes Sid to Kishore’s house and finds Kishore vacated the house. Sid scolds her for not informing the police about Kishore’s address. Mithai tells him she came to search for proof which she didn’t get. Sid asks if she feels like a superwoman to doing everything? You know the truth but not revealing. Mithai says you’re educated so think why you’ve accused not Dadu and your Dad.

Episode ends.

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