Mithai 21st July 2022 Written Update: Sid announces his decision


Mithai 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai asking Sid did you ever think why the police arrested you instead of Harimohan or Girish. Sid says he is the owner naturally he will be arrested. Mithai asks did the police ask you. Mithai points out that until now either his grandfather or father handled the business only the family members knew that he was the owner. Sid asks her what does she want to say. Mithai asks what does he think. If she doesn’t want her to go to jail then marry and go to Singapore. Sid puts his hand on her mother and says not to talk like that.

Pramod talks to Agarwal. Agarwal says we wanted at that time and now we don’t need you. Pramod tries to explain to them that he is still useful to them but Agarwal doesn’t listen and walks away. Pramod tries to talk to Aditya. But Aditya also says the same Radhr Radhe to him. Pramod thinks now he can only join hands with Girish.

Mithai and Sid come to the house at the same time. Abha taunts her and says why didn’t she go to the police. Mithai asks Pramod and says there is this night’s time right. Girish asks her is there a need to do Hungama. Mithai says she is tired today and she will go to sleep.

Mithai goes to Indu’s room and talks to her. Indu cries and Mithai asks if she doesn’t trust Gopal. Indu says to stop bringing Gopal Ji all the time. Mithai says to trust Gopal Ji.

Harimohan comes and asks her what is she hiding from him. Mithai says whatever is there is in front of his eyes. Harimohan asks then why can’t she look in his eyes. Harimohan asks her to tell him what is she hiding. Mithai thinks Dadu can’t handle the truth. She tells him there is no way so I will go to jail and I know that you and Sid still take care of my mom. Harimohan leaves telling first time he is unable to understand her. Indu asks why she is doing it. Mithai says time is less so spend this night together by talking good things and let me sleep in your lap and make me hear your Lohri or story. Indu asks can she sleep. Mithai tells her she can sleep on her lap.

Later Sid calls everyone to the hall. Everyone comes to the hall. Sid thanks everyone for coming on one announcement and trying to save him from the case. I’m here to announce the important decision. Sid says in jail I’m worried as I don’t know who is behind this poison act but now I know the truth. Harimohan asks who is he. Sid calls Pramod inside. He tells that person runs away but someone from this house helped him. Girish asks whom he is trying to blame. Sid says he got more maturity in jail and Mithai won’t go to jail as she is innocent and I will go to jail. Everyone gets shocked.

The next day, Mithai tells Gopal Ji that Sid is a good person like Dadu and I have to make him agree that I will go to jail. She sings song to Gopal. Sid hears it and thinks it’s tough to understand her. He stands near the mandir. Sid says you’re unlucky and reached court but now I will settle accounts. Mithai asks why can’t he think about Dadu. Sid asks why will she go to jail without doing any mistakes? I can’t marry you so I will go to jail. Mithai asks who will take care of your grandparents without you? And I eill be fine in jail too. Both at a time say they will go to jail. Apeksha hears them.

Episode ends.

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