Mithai 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Hari Mohan announces Mithai will go to jail


Mithai 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Apeksha telling Sid that she needs to talk immediately if his important talk with Mithai is over. Sid says glad Gopal Ji saved me from your talks. Go your friend is calling you. Sid leaves with Apeksha. Mithai gives prasad to Shubham. Shubham says he informed Sid about Kishore but he left the city and we didn’t find anything. He asks if she finds anything. Mithai says nothing but don’t worry I will go to jail. Shubham says you didn’t do any mistake and Sid won’t let you get published. Mithai says this family needs Sid’s presence. She leaves telling she needs to give prasad to others.

Abha sees Indu drinking milk. Abha asks if she is drinking in happiness that Mithai trapped their Sid? You’re getting exposed. Indu cries. Mithai says everyone is exposed and it won’t be good if I open my mouth. She tells her that she is preparing food for everyone and asks her to join family members for Lunch. Abha leaves telling her she won’t. Mithai asks Indu to not worry. Indu says they to bear these insults regularly. Mithai consoles her.

Apeksha asks Sid why he wants to go to jail for saving Mithai? She is behind your property. Sid says Mithai is innocent and I asked her what she wants in return to save me then she said she wants Dadu’s happiness and I can’t let other people get punishment because of me. Apeksha says you’re innocent too and what happens to us if you go to jail? And legally who gave false testimony and who helped her will get punished too so let her go to jail. Sid thinks Dadu. He tells her that he remembers something important and goes to Dadu’s room. Sid tells Dadu that Mithai trapped them. Dadi asks how. Sid says Dadu helped Mithai by creating fake proofs so he is the culprit too. Hari Mohan thinks Mithai is hiding a big matter.

Abha thinks she will live her life once the property partition is done. Krishna brings food to her mom. Abha spits after tasting it. Mithai comes there with water. Abha says it’s the worst food and you may have good food at jail too. Mithai says Karishma brought the wrong plate which I prepared in jail way for me. She leaves. Mithai notices Dadu and Dadi are sad. Girish and Abhishek say all shops are released and they won’t be open until the case on Sid is settled. Sid says he will go to jail. Hari Mohan stops him and announces Mithai will go to jail. Girish says it’s a good solution to escape from all problems and we can send Sid to Singapore then the whole issue gets settled. Abha asks him to divide property too. Hari Mohan agrees and asks them to prepare papers. He leaves.

Mithai follows Harimohan and tells him that his decision of dividing property is scaring her then jail. Hari Mohan asks her to reveal what’s she hiding. She doesn’t then he says he won’t change his decision. Sid talks to Deepti on a video call. Hari Mohan comes there and tells Deepti that Mithai is going to jail and I’m dividing property so Sid will leave for Singapore too. Sid closes the laptop and says Mithai is stupid, not cunning. I can’t forgive myself if innocent get punished and she is not revealing the truth. Harimohan says agree in court that you’re with Mithai to save her otherwise give your testimony against her. Harimohan says everyone is saying Mithai is after your money and shops. Then why is she doing this. Harimohan walks away.

Mithai tells Indu how she should wear her medicines. Indu suddenly decides to leave the house she takes the clothes from the cupboard and is about to pack them. Mithai tries to stop her. Indu doesn’t listen and says Noone is thinking about you and we will also not think about them. Your mother doesn’t have that much strength to handle her going to jail. Mithai reminds what she and her husband used to say to her that no matter what are the troubles she should face it head on. Now why are you telling me to run away. Let other people think whatever they want. Mithai says Harimohan and Sid will take care of her.

Episode ends.

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