Mithai 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Sid runs to help Mithai


Mithai 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pramod taunting Sid for not understanding what he is saying and says he is giving all responsibility of engagement to him. He tells all family must participate in the engagement. Abha reminds Sid of his promise. She divides responsibilities among everyone. Mithai understands their plan. Sid asks if they are doing it to stop Mithai’s order.

Pramod says they won’t get scared of any Mithai and this engagement is the union of 2 brands so everything must be perfect and we are not playing any games. Everyone leaves. Mithai receives Sharma’s call and tells him that she will deliver the order on time. Sid asks how can she do it. He asks her to cancel the deal. Mithai tells she can do it with their help without letting anyone doubt them. Later everyone is busy with the engagement work. Abha sends Harimohan and Chandrakanta giving cards.

Sid arranges a conference call between Mithai and Harimohan. Mithai gets to know Harimohan’s recipe. Sid tells Mithai that he booked tempo. Girish sees Sid and thinks he will wait to get Sid’s forgiveness. Abha is about to catch Sid but Girish saves him from Abha by alerting him. Sid tells Abha to get ready as one hour is left for the engagement. Abha says Sid is becoming understanding. Pramod says Sid knows what value he has to pay if he goes against us. Sid leaves.

Mithai loads Sweets in tempo with the worker’s help. Abha receives Agarwal’s family with her family. Agarwal men inform Agarwal that Mithai is loading sweets in tempo. Agarwal says the way is long and she can’t deliver them. Sid calls Mithai and wishes her luck. Mithai goes in the tempo. Aditya and Karishma get engaged then they take blessings of everyone. Sid feels worried for Mithai. The driver informs Mithai that someone is following them. Mithai says it can’t be but Agarwal men stop her tempo and they stole Mithai’s truck beating the driver. Mithai couldn’t stop them. She thinks about what to do and realizes she forgot her phone in the tempo.

Aditya doesn’t give attention to Karishma. He refuses to take selfies. Harimohan asks Sid if he noticed it. Sid says Aditya is not interested in this engagement and this is like a drama. Harimohan says these people might plan this engagement to stop Mithai’s deal so call her to know what happened. Sid calls Mithai. Mithai takes the phone from the tempo driver. Agarwal men switches off Mithai’s phone. Sid informs Dadu about it. Harimohan asks Sid to check Mithai. Mithai feels frustrated when the driver’s phone gets switched off. Sid is about to leave but Pramod stops him.

Mithai runs behind the truck seeing the petrol leakage mark on road. Sid intentionally spoils his dress by pouring juice on him then he goes to change dress taking Pramod’s permission. Tempo gets stopped. Agarwal men inform Agarwal that the tempo is stopped. Agarwal asks him to throw the sweets.

Mithai takes her phone from tempo and calls Sid and informs him of everything. Sid asks her to be on call and he tracks her phone using the app he installed on her phone. Mithai tries to stop Agarwal’s men by beating them with a stick but they take the stick from her. Sid comes there and tells Mithai to complete her delivery. Agarwal man is about to beat him. Sid stops him by holding his hand.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Abha apologizing to Agarwal for what Sid did. Agarwal says if this kind of thing repeats then they will leave this match. Abha invites them inside. Harimohan says to Sid by controlling your anger you learned your first life lesson.

Mithai is shown to be taking orders in the shop. Mithai sees that Sid brought a gift for her. Mithai opens it and sees that and it is a new weighing machine. Sid says with this she will know her proper weight. Mithai checks it and feels happy. Mithai sees that Sid is thinking about something. Mithai asks what is he thinking about. Sid says he doesn’t understand what is the motive behind Aditya and Karishma’s marriage. Mithai says she is also not getting the motive behind this marriage but there is no need to worry everyone makes mistakes. Mithai asks if he is having a headache. Sid says he didn’t eat breakfast that’s why.

Mithai offers him a plate of Aloo jalebi to eat. Sid says you know I don’t eat sweets. Mithai asks why, is it because it reminds you of your mom. She says there is nothing wrong with reminding him of his mom. She says his mom will also

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