Mithai 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Harimohan exposes conspiracy against Sid


Mithai 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agarwal giving the papers to Pramod and saying to be careful and make sure no one reads the papers. I will get 4 shops and the rest of the shops are yours. Pramod says I trust you more than my family. I will not read the papers and make sir no one reads them. Now Sid is going to Singapore and Mithai is going to jail. All the thorns have been plucked. Pramod leaves them.

Sid thinks about something and Apeksha talks but he doesn’t listen. Apeksha says the papers are ready and then can go to Singapore. Sid doesn’t answer. Apeksha asks again and Sid answers he is thinking about Mithai. Apeksha says there is no need to worry Mom and Dadu are discussing and they decided that Mithai will go to jail. Sid says why can’t anyone see that Mithai is innocent. Nor Dadu even. Apeksha says she doesn’t know that she only knows you should not go to jail. Apeksha asks Sid to don’t do anything that will land him in trouble.

Mithai comes and says Dadu is calling. Sid comes downstairs. Pramod come at that time and gives the papers to Harimohan. Harimohan tells Sid to sign the papers. Mithai stops Sid and tells Harimohan not the divide the property as Sid is going to be out of jail. Girish says this is a family matter. Harimohan also says the same thing. Mithai tells Sid to read the papers. Pramod asks Mithai if she doesn’t trust this house son in law. Mithai says yes.

Abha comes to slap her. Harimohan stops her and slaps Pramod. Harimohan says you always call me Father and you are backstabbing me. Everyone is making deals my son in law with my daughter in law and my two sons with Agarwal. When you knew that the entire property is on Sid’s name you made a plan to send Sid to jail. Why becuase everyone want their part. Mithai says Dadu now you are talking how many times I asked you to speak. In court we need evidence and this is family court Harimohan calls Shubham and along with him. Agarwal and Aditya also come. Harimohan asks them to tell the truth. Agarwal tells them what happened.

Harimohan says you guys are interested in property division then releasing Sid from this case that’s why I sent Shubham behind Pramod. Shubham heard everything and informed me then I had a deal with Agarwal. Agarwal reveals he will be with people who give him a better deal. Harimohan says Mithai hid the truth as she doesn’t want to hurt me and Sid but I’m not that innocent to believe everything. Sid says we can’t blame you Agarwal but we will open 4 more shops as your competition. Agarwal gets shocked. Harimohan says it’s needed and let’s meet in the competition field. Sid shows them a way to leave. Agarwal and his son leave. Harimohan leaves with Mithai. Sid says thanks to this family as you guys make my dislike to the family as hatred and now I know why mom left this world quickly.

Abha says Shubham cheated them. Abhishek says he did good. I’m ashamed to cheat my family. Abha asks him to not change his mind like before. Girish thinks about Sid’s words. Shubham meets him and tells you did wrong with Mithai and Sid. I helped the truth to become a good person even though I can’t become your son in this birth. Girish slaps him and sends him away saying he can’t be his son in any birth. Pramod daydreams that his wife is slapping him.

Mithai thanks Gopal Ji. She asks Gopal ji to release Sid from this case as he inocent. Sid comes there. He falls down because of Mithai. She tells him she didn’t see him. Sid apologises to her. Harimohan smiles listening to his sorry and leaves. Mithai gets shocked and tells him ok. Later Mithai joins her mom. Harimohan apologizes to Indu for hurting them as he did to find the truth. Indu asks him to not apologize as we failed to understand you. Mithai apologizes to him for hiding the truth. Harimohan says don’t think I’m weak and remember that truth will come out one day. Mithai says she remembers it. She tells him she is still tense thinking about how to save Sid from this case.

Episode ends.

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