Mithai 25th July 2022 Written Update: The judge ruled in favour of Sid


Mithai 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid thinking of what happened. Sid sees his mother’s photo and shares what he feels. Now everything is clear this family doesn’t think of itself as family. Harimohan comes and says her mother was very good if there is someone like her in this family then it is him. Why are holding your head down. Now the truth is out. There is only one person who supports you and that is Mithai. Harimohan takes a promise from him that he will do what he does. Sid agrees.

Apeksha asks the lawyer will Sid be released. Girish says now Mithai’s testimony made trouble. The lawyer says the evidence is against Sid from the beginning. The judge comes and asks where is Sid. Upadhyay says they will be here. The prosecutor says they are making fun of the court. The judge says if they do not come on time it will be treated as an offense. Harimohan comes and asks forgiveness for coming late.

Sid and Mithai come behind Harimohan as a newly married couple. It is later shown that Harimohan is shown to be convincing Mithai for the marriage. Harimohan asks for forgiveness and says it took time for their marriage to be registered in the family court. These are the proof. The judge tells them to start proceeding. Sid is called to stand and Sid thinks of how Harimohan convinces him to the marriage. Harimohan says he will also go to jail for helping Mithai if he didn’t marry her. Sid agrees.

The judge says they married today and the witnesses are Mr. and Mrs. Chobe. Upadhyay says Sid has proven their relationship in his given time. It is shown in family court that Mr. and Mrs Chobe sign as the witnesses for the marriage. Sid and Mithai wear Varmala to each other. After that Chandrakantha asks to put Maang on Mithai’s forehead. Sid does it. Chandrakantha gives Sid mangalsutra. Sid wears it on Mithai. Mithai and Sid sign on the marriage papers.

The judge announces that they are now husband and wife. After taking photos they take Ashirvaad from Harimohan and Chandrakantha. The judge says they will consider Mithai’s testimony so the judge orders to release Sid. The judge tells the police to investigate it clearly and he praises Mithai for what she did. And congrats them. Judge says the court is adjourned. Harimohan blesses them to be happily ever after.

Harimohan talks on the phone and tells Chandrakantha to make preparations to invite a new daughter in law. He is going to bring them. Harimohan asks Upadhyay to take Sid and Mithai and complete the paperwork. Upadhyay says he also has to come as he is a witness. Apeksha is seen to be crying seeing Sid married to Mithai.

Episode ends

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