Mithai 25th June 2022 Written Update: Sourya helps Abha by exchanging Mehendi with Acid Mehedi


Mithai 25th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abha mixing acid in the Mehendi. Karishma says it might be too much. Abha says it’s not as she threw poison on their Rishta. Sourya says I told Dadu I will not attend the marriage but now you said I will. Abha asks if you are an idiot and gives Mehendi to him and tells him to change Mithai’s Mehendi with this and make sure it doesn’t fall on his hands. Sourya asks are you sure if case happens then we will be in trouble. Don’t you want justice for your sister asks Abha? If you don’t just stand there and go.

Indu and Mithai pray to Gopal Ji. Indu asks her that until the marriage there should be no trouble. Chandrakantha and Dadu bring Aarti’s saree to Mithai. Chandrakantha says this is Aarti’s saree think of this as Aarti’s Ashirvaad and wear it. Indu says she misses Aarti today.

Shubham asks Gireesh if he is not joining. Gireesh says if anyone asks tell them that he is not feeling well. Shubham says it’s important that he joins as what he is about to do Noone should doubt it. Gireesh asks if he is going to not get up and marry Mithai. Shubham says I used to be this house son in name only now I am going to become Gireesh Chobe’s son how much important it is for me only I know it. Chandrakantha and Geethika pray to Lord Gopal. Pramod says he is happy to hear that Shubham is going to have the right of this house’s elder brother. Mithai comes wearing Aarti’s saree. Mithai says to Dadu today she sees her Dad in her. He might have not done what he did. Dadu says she is going to their daughter in law and he can do this much. Chandrakantha says not to cry as her makeup will be spoiled. Mithai says not to tease her. Dadu calls for Sid and others. Mithai says she will go call them.

Sid thinks about Abha’s word regarding Mithai. Apeksha questions why he is stressed and asks if they can go out for lunch. Sid says no, I’m confused whether making Mithai daughter in law of this house is the correct decision or not and I’m anxious about it. Apeksha asks won’t he involving overly in family matters. Sid says he is worried about what will happen to Dadu if this family suffers. Apeksha thinks hope he won’t back out at the last moment.

Chandrakantha tells her husband that he didn’t do good by sending Mithai to call others in her wedding rituals. He says he did wrong. Mithai comes to Sid. He sees Mithai in his Mom’s saree. Mithai tries to talk to him. Apeksha asks whether she came to disturb Sid. Mithai asks why she talks with her in that way. She calls Sid downstairs saying Dada Ji calling hum. Sid says she can’t manipulate him. Mithai says I thought you accepted me when you gave your Mom’s saree. Sid says he gave it for Dada Ji and Dadu’s happiness. Harimohan comes there and sends Mithai downstairs. Sourya takes Mehendi without anyone’s notice.

Mithai thanks him for attending the ritual. Harimohan blesses Shubham. Gireesh goes out while talking on the phone. Shubham changes the mehendi bowl in the temple. Chandrakantha sends Geetika to get the Mehendi. Geetika prays to God and brings the Mehendi bowl. She tells Mithai that she is waiting to see her in Shubham Mehendi. Keerti arrives there with her family. Harimohan welcomes them. Mithai hugs Keerti and thanks to her for coming. Keerti says why won’t we come? We got married because of you. She goes to Shubham and asks if he is happy. She congratulates him. Shubham says he is fine and leaves. Karishma notices everything from upstairs. Keerti tries to take Gireesh’s blessings but he leaves without giving his blessings. Sid and everyone notice it. Mithai supports Keerti.

Episode ends.

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