Mithai 26th July 2022 Written Update: Mithai reveals she accepts this marriage wholeheartedly


Mithai 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Upadhyay asks them to stay outside. Sid thinks of what Judge said before. He talks to Harimohan and says to get out of one problem we got into another problem. Harimohan says we did what we have to do after that Gopal ji wishes. Sid says he only married so that you will not go to jail. Harimohan asks Sid to not argue here. Harimohan asks where is  Mithai. Sid says he doesn’t know. Harimohan says to be together with Mithai as they are a newly married couple.

Apeksha thinks of what happened and says how can Sid do this. She cries to herself and calls Deepthi and tells what happened and says Sid has married Mithai.

Indu prays for Gopal ji and thinks of Aarthi. Indu asks Gopal ji to give their blessings to them. Mithai thinks of what happened and cries to herself. Sid sees Mithai and calls her. Sid asks Mithai to come but she doesn’t respond. Sid says I am already troubled with what happened. Mithai says I am also troubled with what happened and I did it to save you. You know that this marriage is not my dream.

Sid says that is your problem not mine I don’t believe in this marriage. Sid sees someone coming and  hugs her and says he doesn’t believe in marriage. Mithai says whether you believe it or not our marriage has happened and now I will accept this marriage. Sid says he only did it to save Dadu from going to jail. Mithai says she also only did it for Dadu. Sid says this marriage is only till the case is closed. Once the case is over our marriage is also over.

Mithai says it might be easy for you to say that as you are a man but you don’t know the value of Mangalsutra to a woman.  This is not a joke for me. Look at this certificate and Mithai Siddhartha Chobe. Now my name has also changed. Now your family is my family.  Sid says he will prove that she is wrong. Mithai says she trusts Gopal ji and herself.

Mithai tells Gopal that Sid doesn’t consider this marriage but I will fulfill the responsibility of this marriage and relationships come with this marriage and remaining is in your hands. Apeksha asks Dadu about Sid. He says Sid is with his wife. He asks if she is crying. Apeksha denies and leaves telling him she wants to talk to Sid. Harimohan says he can understand her but this marriage is God’s wish.

Apeksha tries to hit Mithai for ruining her dreams. Mithai stops her. Apeksha says I can never forgive you for trapping my love and I wanted to marry Sid but you destroyed it and I will ruin you. She leaves. Sid thinks about Mithai’s words. Apeksha meets Sid. Sid asks if she is okay.

Apeksha says she wants his love, not sympathy, how dare you to marry Mithai. Sid tries to explain to her but she doesn’t listen. Sid tells her this marriage is just a deal and I did it to save Dadu, it will end once the case is over. Apeksha hugs him in happiness. Sid asks her to behave as they are in court. Apeksha assures him to get released from Mithai and I know she Eyre your property. Harimohan calls Mithai.

Mithai hugs Dadu and tells him she doesn’t know how to react and your grandson considers this marriage as fake but how it can be fake as we married in front of Gopal Ji. Harimohan says Sid doesn’t like marriage because of his childhood and I consider you as our house daughter in law and I trust you will make him learn how to love erasing his past wounds.

Episode ends.

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