Mithai 27th July 2022 Written Update: Hari Mohan gives an ultimatum to his family members


Mithai 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harimohan saying to Mithai that Sid is still a 10 year old child and now that you came you have to make him grow up with you. Mithai says she will fulfill her every responsibility. Harimohan says you becoming Sid’s wife is not only Aarthi’s dream it’s mine also. I made that dream true. It was because of my selfishness that I made you my daughter in law. Harimohan tells Mithai let’s go home.

Apeksha says she will hire the best lawyer to make him get out of this marriage. Sid asks her not to do that as Dadu will be troubled. Apeksha says sorry. Mithai sees Sid and remembers what Dadu said. Harimohan asks Sid to hold Mithai’s hand and take her with him. Harimohan says let’s go. Sid takes Mithai and helps her get in the car. Mithai pulls Sid inside seeing the judge coming. Apeksha decides to reveal the true nature of this marriage even if it leads to Dadu going to jail because of it.

Indu prays to God about Sid and Mithai. Chandrakantha congrats her and shows her the marriage photos. Chandrakantha asks Indu to get ready to invite Mithai. Chandrakantha says until I and Dadu is there no one will trouble Mithai.

Abha complains seeing Indu and Chandrakantha getting ready to invite Mithai. Abha says she is this house daughter in law and she is not going to accept Mithai as this house daughter in law. Chandrakantha comes and warns her not to create Hungama when Mithai is going to come. Chandrakantha and Indu prepare ignoring the Abha. Abha gets angry and throws Aarthi’s plate out of Chandrakantha’s hand. The Aarthi plate falls near Harimohan’s legs.

Harimohan takes Aarti’s plate. He asks his wife and Indu to arrange for Gruhpravesh. He tells he is feeling shame seeing his family. Girish says Mithai is playing with you and we won’t accept her as this house bahu. Harimohan says Mithai is this house bahu. Girish says he didn’t consider Mithai as his bahu and tells him that he is repeating his mistake again. Harimohan says one who doesn’t like to accept Mithai as their house can leave his house. Girish asks how can he say it. Abhishek says we are your blood and how can you do this with your family. Harimohan says he saw what his blood did and he leaves telling he doesn’t want any tamasha in gruhpravesh if they respect him.

Mithai shows Sid that their garlands are tangled. Sid untangled them. Harimohan asks them to smile for their Grah Pravesh. Mithai smiles. Sid sees her angrily. He holds her hand and takes her. Chandrakantha does their Gruhpravesh. Indu feels happy seeing Mithai with Sid. Harimohan asks Indu to not cry as she become this house daughter in law. Indu blesses them. Chandrakantha makes Harimohan tie the Gadhbandan of Mithai and Sid. Mithai enters the house with Sid by kicking the chawal pot. Harimohan records it. Mithai is about to fall down but Sid holds her on time. Mithai enters inside by leaving her red footprints. Abha, Girish, and others look unhappy. Chandrakantha asks them to take blessings of Gopal Ji. Mithai and Sid pray to Gopal Ji.

Episode ends.

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