Mithai 28th July 2022 Written Update: Apeksha invites Sid to her house to stay at night


Mithai 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai praying to Gopal Ji. Sid thinks of till how much time he has to stay in this relationship. When both of them bow their head infront of Gopal ji a flower falls near them. Mithai sees this and thinks it is Gopal Ji’s blessings.

Chandrakantha asks then to take blessings from elders. When Mithai gets up she falls down and Sid helps her. Harimohan gives his blessings to them after that they take blessings of Chandrakantha and Indu.

Girish talks to Sid and says if you admit it or not I am still your father will you not take Ashirvaad from me. Harimohan agrees and tells them to take Ashirvaad. They go and take Ashirvaad of Abhishek and Abha and Girish. Girish asks Mithai how did their relationship start and from when. Abha says how can she talk as she lied in court.

Girish asks her now what is she going to do. Abha says The judge left an informant to check whether their marriage is right or wrong. Girish asks her. Mithai says if she was the first Mithai then she would have given her answer but now she is this family’s daughter in law so I would not let anyone insult this family. Abha says you are just a fraud I know Sid he will never marry someone like you.

Abha asks Sid to say something. Girish says he doesn’t have time and carries Mithai in princess carry style. When they enter their room Mithai holds Sid’s neck as support and Sid leaves her after coming into the room and they both on the floor. Sid calls her stupid. Sid blows away the candle and cleans the bed of the decorations that are made and walks away. Mithai stays in bed and when Sid goes taking away the pillow.

Mithai stops him. It is later shown that it is Apeksha’s dream and thinks she must not let Mithai get close to Sid. Apeksha calls Sid and Sid tells her he will talk to her later. Apeksha says Sid to come here and says she will prepare a guest room for him here. Sid says he will call when he is going to start from here. Harimohan comes and asks Sid if he is troubled with something. Sid says yes. Harimohan tells Sid to tell him about it.

Apeksha talks to herself and says she will make Sid hers.

Sid and Harimohan talk about him being troubled. Sid says he is troubled with what is happening and he says he doesn’t believe this marriage. Harimohan says if the family members know that this marriage is fake they will not leave a chance to send us to jail. Harimohan asks Sid not to go to Apeksha’s house tonight. Sid thinks of what happened.

Abha comes and asks what is he do in ng in the kitchen. Sid says he came here to take milk for Mithai. Sid carries the tray to his room and tries to call Apeksha but his phone is switched off. Apeksha tries to call Sid and when she does the call doesn’t connect and this marriage should go to hell. Apeksha says to herself I cannot let them stay in the same house. She cries to herself and thinks why did Sid it come till now.

Harimohan and Chandrakantha talk to Sid and send him inside and says to Mithai that she should her face tomorrow at 11 o clock. Sid goes inside with the tray and Chandrakantha closes the door. Mithai says to Sid she sat just normally. When Sid tries to sit on the bed he sees jewelry of Mithai in his bed. Mithai sees that and doesn’t know what to say.

Episode ends

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