Mithai 29th June 2022 Written Update: Shubham proposes to Mithai to Avenge Girish


Mithai 29th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Girish saying to Shubham, Mithai should reach the mandap as daughter in law of this house. Shubham says things will be done as you ask, Mithai will come to mandap but won’t become daughter in law of this house. Girish hugs Shubham and asks him to not delay. Shubham promises him that he won’t disappoint him. Mithai asks Harimohan if he called her. Harimohan asks her to close her eyes telling her he has a surprise for her.

Hari Mohan gifts her a dry fruits Michri box and asks her to make tasty sweets. He makes her taste Mal pua prepared by him. Mithai praises the taste. Hari Mohan tells her he will make her learn it. Mithai asks if it’s true? Hari Mohan agrees and teaches her his recipe. Mithai happily prepares it. Hari Mohan asks her to fulfill her dream by starting her business. Mithai agrees.

Mithai thanks Gopal Ji. Shubham calls Mithai saying he wishes to share his feelings with her. Mithai goes to his room. He switches on the light. Mithai feels happy seeing her decorated cycle and sees her name mentioned with the Shubham surname. Shubham tells her that he needs her support in his life and tells her that he wishes to marry her as she supports the truth and promises her that he will help her to fulfill her dreams. Shubham proposes Mithai to marry him.

Mithai looks shocked. She tells him that Dadu took the decision. Shubham tells her he started loving her. Mithai says she doesn’t wish to get married as she wants to achieve her dreams and get her mom treated. Shubham says marrying her is Important to him. Mithai says this family is important to you so please forget about marriage. She leaves.

Girish cones to Shubham and says you failed to make her convince and you disappointed me again and if you won’t help me to avenge the insult I faced then I won’t accept you as my son. Shubham holds his feet and asks him for the last chance. Girish gives him chance. He tells Kitchen is the place for ladies. Girish gives his men’s number to Shubham and shares his plan with him.

Mithai arranges sweets in her boxes. Sid sets his food. Mithai tells him that she has to work for 24 hours to earn a name like Harimohan. Sid says she can’t achieve her dream by doing business in cycle. He suggests her to marry Shubham. Mithai asks if Shubham sends him. Sid says yes and you can set your business post marriage. Mithai tells him she will marry after his marriage. Sid asks Mithai to rethink. Mithai says marriage is a pure bond and she asks him to not force her.

Sid asks how she makes Indu aunty get treated? Mithai says Gopal Ji is with me and I won’t get scared seeing the problems and my Dad gave me courage so I will fight with problems. Sid looks on. Mithai says it’s a waste to live without dreams and your dream is Singapore and my dream is to make my Jalebi world famous. Sid says life is not that easy. Mithai says it’s not good to accept defeat before giving a trial. She leaves.

Episode ends.

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