Mithai 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Mithai challenges Apeksha


Mithai 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Apeksha telling her friends that Sid is here. They meet him and ask wint he makes them meet his wife. Apeksha says she will make them meet. She introduces Mithai to them. Friends make fun of Mithai’s name and her language. One person asks Sid how he liked the saree as he is modern. Apeksha says she may never see party clothes and asks who helped her.

Mithai says Dadi make me get ready with her blessings as I’m newly wedded bahu and you can’t know it as you’re not married. One person says let’s take a selfie. Apeksha pushes back Mithai. Everyone asks Apeksha to cut the cake with Sid like every year. They cut the cake. Sid feeds her cake and goes out to attend the call. Friends say it’s a friendship of 15 years and we thought you guys will marry.

Apeksha says it’s her dream too but his marriage happened like a shock. Friends say they get shocked to see Mithai’s bold confession in court. Mithai says she did it to save him as a friend. One person says you’re great Bhabhi Ji. Apeksha feeds the cake and applied it to Mithai’s face.

Apeksha tells her friends how Mithai sell her Jalebi on the roads. She gives tissue to Mithai. Few friends make Sid busy. Mithai cleans the cake from her face. Apeksha says Sid is from high class and he is from this world so understand that you’re not in his range.

Mithai says Sid’s world is his family I challenge you that you can keep Sid away from me but not from his family and if you succeed in that then I’ll keep your shoes on my head and will sing the song in Mathura’s street. Apeksha looks on. Friends ask Apeksha to join them for a dance. Apeksha joins them. She signs Rajeev to implement their plan.

Rajeev asks Mithai to join them. Mithai denies. Mithai and Apeksha argue with eachother. Apeksha asks her to sing her aloo Jalebi song. Mithai says she won’t sing when she is not selling Jalebi. Apeksha tells some plans to her friends. She takes Sid to her room. She tells him she got an amazing gift.

Sid asks about it. Sid’s friend makes fun of Mithai at a party. Mithai rebukes them with her answer. Mithai is about to leave. Rajeev comes infront of her to stop her. Mithai places her hands forward and he falls on the floor. Apeksha tells Sid that their Visa is sanctioned. Sid tells he can’t leave for Singapore leaving his grandfather. Apeksha asks him to think again.

Rajeev accuses Mithai saying she pushed him and creates a scene. Sid and Apeksha come there. Rajeev says she doesn’t have the status to be with them. They ask Sid how he marries her. Apeksha asks them to not hurt Sid.

Rajeev asks won’t their feelings matter and calls Mithai illiterate. Sid asks him to stop and says she is my wife and stop insulting her. Friends say Mithai pushed Rajeev and what kind of culture she has. Mithai says they are lying. Sid asks her to apologize. Mithai is about to apologise.

Apeksha takes them and asks why they are fighting outside. Someone may make a video of it. She asks Sid and Mithai to sort in the room. Apeksha goes and watches what are they doing through the camera she placed in the room. She calls someone and tells that she lays a trap to expose the marriage truth with proof. Sid scolds Mithai for making him get insulted. Mithai asks him to listen to her. Sid says he is tired of her.

Mithai notices the camera and tells him that she won’t repeat her mistake. She says we loved each other and married. She signs him to see the camera. But he didn’t. Mithai takes him out and tells him that Apeksha has placed a camera in the room. Apeksha realizes Mithai finds she has kept the camera. Sid asks her to stop accusing Apeksha. Mithai takes him to show the camera to him but it’s not there. Sid asks how can she lie.

Apeksha comes there and asks if they resolved the difference. Sid says no and leaves. Mithai asks why she wants to trap Sid in the case when he is her friend. Apeksha says Sid won’t believe her. Mithai says she will expose her soon. She leaves.

Apeksha calls Girish and tells him that Mithai failed their plan and asks him to not worry saying she has another plan. Mithai and Sid return home. Mithai tries to tell how his friend humiliated her. He doesn’t listen and tells her that he doesn’t want the relationship which is suffocated him. Mithai looks on.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Mithai telling Apeksha that it’s memorable and she will be happy for a lifetime for making her husband’s friend dance on her muh Dikayi. She sits with Sid. Apeksha asks why to compete when she can’t dance. Sid stops her. He asks Mithai why to dance when she can deny it. Aditya comes there with a gift. He signs Hi to Karishma.

 Mithai says Sid that Aditya may come here to spy on us. Sid agrees. They praise their look. Sid feels sweet to Mithai and tells her that he will make Aditya learn his lesson. Aditya congratulates Sid and says he came to forward hand for friendship. Sid shakes his hand and says they are still competitors. Girish asks Harimohan why they are entertaining him. Harimohan says he can move forward if he carries on the relationship.

 Sid says their completion is on. Aditya says the difference is you’re in the first standard but I’m a graduate in business. Lady calls them to have food. Harimohan asks Aditya to join them. Aditya leaves telling he has work. He sees Karishma and thinks he will break the house and they don’t even know how he dies it. Girish says don’t know why Aditya came here.

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