Mithai 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Abha asks Harimohan to partition the whole property


Mithai 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Girish asking Harimohan why is he giving more importance to Mithai than to family. Sid asks him to stop saying about family as you did it for your ego. Harimohan says this family is changed and my son didn’t listen to me. He says Shubham when he git changed do much. Sid holds Dada Ji’s feet and says he did it to fulfill his long-lasting dream of getting his father’s love. Dada Ji asks if he gets his love? Sid asks Dadu to jot his energy on people who don’t understand him. Chandrakanta takes her husband. Sid says to Shubham you kept your goodness at stake for the wrong person and I didn’t expect it. Mithai tries to stop him. Sid leaves.

Indu cries seeing her husband. Mithai consoles her mom saying everything happened for their good and let’s leave from here to fulfill our Dad’s dream. She tells Indu that she will meet Dadu before they leave as he is hurt too. Apeksha asks Sid to drink green tea without thinking about anything. Sid says he badly needs her support in this time as people who trust break my trust. Apeksha says whatever happened is for good and now Mithai can leave with respect. Sid gets into tears and says, no one in the house is like his mom. Apeksha says a joint family is a problem so start your own family by leaving for Singapore. Sid says he can’t be that selfish as to leave his family at this tough time. Apeksha says I mean you can give tension free life to your grandparents by leaving for Singapore. Sid says thanks a lot fir the advice as I can take my grandparents with me and here these people can stay happy too. Apeksha thinks I thought he will start a family with me but he gets it in another way.

Chandrakantha asks if he thinks properly about his decision. Harimohan says our family deceived Mithai and I thought correct for her. Mithai comes there. Chandrakantha gives papers and keys to him. Dadu says to Mithai, you and your mom will give rent of the room, this way you won’t be ashamed and nor any favors from our side, here is the key for your shop and I’ll charge rent for this too. She denies accepting them. Chandrakanta asks her to accept. Mithai accepts them.

Indu waits for Mithai with luggage. Mithai is about to go inside the room. Girish and Abha ask why she is going inside. Sid comes there. Mithai says to Girish in this house one room is for us as Dadu gave me for rent. Everyone gets shocked. Sid asks if it’s her self respect. Mithai says she has self respect that’s why not taking anyone’s favour. Harimohan tells Sid that it’s his decision. Apeksha says she trapped your Dadu very well. Girish asks how can she pay rent. Mithai says in the paper it’s written that Dadu’s first shop is of Mithai. Girish and family members tell Dadu that they are against his decision.

Mithai says it’s a matter of one shop and I can’t back out as I promised him. Girish and Abhishek say they are against his decision. Abha says he is doing wrong. Pramod also agrees. Harimohan says he won’t change his decision. Abha says if you have given one shop to her then you should distribute the whole property too. Girish agrees with Abha and asks his Dad to give him a double share as he is the one who increases their business. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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