Mithai 30th July 2022 Written Update: Sid helps Mithai to wear a saree


Mithai 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Apeksha telling Sid they can still go to Singapore and get married. I know you still like me. Mithai comes there and asks Apeksha to not worry about Sid and selling Jalebi doesn’t affect the reputation of this family. Apeksha says she can use her tactic somewhere not with her as she knows it’s a namesake marriage. Mithai says marriage happened and we have a certificate for it and you can go to any court with it. Mithai says Suniye ji. Sid looks shocked. Mithai asks Sid to make Dadu proud by handling the business.

Apeksha asks her to shut up, did you get a business woman award. Mithai asks her to not involve between husband and wife. She asks Apeksha to wait with guests for her Muh dikhayi. Mithai leaves. Apeksha asks Sid why he is hearing her. Sid says she is pagal but you’re understanding so don’t create a scene.

Mithai calls Sid and tells him that she doesn’t know how to wear a saree. Sid says you only know to eat the brain. Mithai asks Apeksha to help her. Apeksha denies to help. She leaves. Mithai goes saying she will wear it by herself. Sid looks helpless. Apeksha thinks Mithai will be humiliated infront of guests. Mithai tells Sid that she is unable to wear it. Sid says he is an engineer, not a fashion designer. Mithai asks him to call his mom. Sid calls Dadu to send Indu aunty as Mithai doesn’t know how to wear a saree. Dadu disconnects the call telling him he is not able to hear anything.

Dadu shares it with Dadi and smiles. Sid says they are busy and not able to hear my voice. Mithai asks what she has to do. Sid opens a YouTube tutorial of Saree wearing and asks her to try. Mithai can’t understand it. Sid asks how much time she wastes. Mithai tells she can’t. Sid tells her he will help. He watches a video and makes her wear a saree. Mithai stares at him. Apeksha gets shocked witnessing Sid helping Mithai.

Harimohan and Dadi come there. Chandrakanta praises Mithai’s look. Harimohan asks who helped her with the saree. Mithai shows Sid. Chandrakanta covers Mithai’s face with Dupatta and takes her downstairs. Pramod and Geetika arrive for muh dikhayi. Apeksha plans to make Mithai trip but she trips herself.

Mithai holds her on time and asks her to learn how to take care of herself before she plans to make other fall. Harimohan asks Sid to sit there with Mithai. Sid forwards hand for Mithai. Lady says hold her tightly otherwise she may go to sell Jalebi. Indu says selling Jalebi is like fulfilling her dad’s dream. Apeksha thinks to make Mithai fall.

Lady praises the unity of Chobey family. Chandrakanta asks men to have food stating it’s the function of ladies. Harimohan leaves blessing newly wedded couple. Other men also leave.

Chandrakanta gifts Aarti necklace to Mithai and blesses her. Geetika also blesses them. Abha flaunts the necklace she brought for Muhdikayi then she gives it to Mithai. Lady sees Mithai’s face and says they choose the best daughter in law. Chandrakanta says they lost if they hear Mithai Bhajan.

Apeksha says everyone hears her voice in the streets so let’s have a dance competition. Chandrakanta agrees. Ladies say they are excited. Sid is about to leave but Apeksha stops him to witness their dance competition. Apeksha starts her dance. Chandrakanta signs Mithai to go on. Mithai dances with Apeksha. During the dance Apeksha makes Mithai fall to the ground. Then she dances around Mithai in happiness.

Episode ends.

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