Mithai 30th June 2022 Written Update: Mithai agrees to Shubham’s proposal


Mithai 30th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai asking Sid he has a lot of questions about her business right. Mithai asks Sid to come with her and see how she will do it. Mithai will sell Aloo jelabi on the street. Sid sees that and tells her you do your work I will go jogging.

Some Goons take money from the shops. They come to her and make the customers go away. The Goon says this is my father’s place if you want to sell she has to pay money. Mithai shows there are a lot of shops. The Goon says all of them give the money. The Goon comments on her. Mithai records what he says. Sid sees that he goes to help Mithai.

The Goon warns him but he doesn’t listen and tries to hit him. Sid protects himself and make him look like a fool. Mithai says to him she has recorded what he said. She will directly gives this to the police. The Goon warns her and goes away. Sid says this is risky. Mithai says he will not understand as it is about business. Mithai will sell to the customers.

Guruji sees Mithai and calls Shubham and tells him he has seen Mithai and he will take care of the work and tells Shubham to tell Girish. Guruji asks for a plate of Aloo jalebi from Mithai and without seeing anyone he puts a house fly in the plate of Aloo jalebi and he starts calling for everyone and tries to make a ruckus.

But Mithai sees that and says it cannot happen and says she maintains cleanliness. Guruji says you don’t. Mithai gets angry and says this is not just business for me this is my father’s dream. He tries to make a ruckus but other customers still trust Mithai. Mithai will take a stick and goes after him to beat him. Mithai asks Sid to look after the shop. Guruji falls on the ground.

Mithai takes him to the hospital. Mithai gives the doctor the money. Guruji gets tears in his eyes and Mithai asks him if there really is a bug. Guruji says no and he did it under someone’s instigation. Guruji comes to Chobe mansion and gives him his money back. Girish asks him if the work is done. Guruji says he understood what kind of mistake he made. Girish tries to get him out. But he sees Mithai and Sid.

Sid says let’s tell Harimohan and see what he decides. Harimohan comes and asks why did you do this and I haven’t taught you anything like this. Girish says he did this for the good of Mithai. Harimohan says he wants to know what is good by sabotaging her business. Girish says it is tough for women to do business nowadays. Sid says but she knows how to fight I have seen it with my own eyes.

Harimohan says it’s already decided that this marriage will not happen. Shubham says he realized it lately but I realized that I want to marry Mithai. Girish says whatever happened it’s because of Karishma and Keerti. Girish says Mithai will be safe by marrying into our family. Harimohan says if Mithai doesn’t want this marriage then what. Mithai says no and tells she has to take someone’s help.

Mithai says she agrees to marry Shubham. Girish says she took the right decision. Abhishek gets angry and says because of her my daughters marriage stopped. When your daughter was involved in my daughter’s marriage then she is right and when Shubham is involved he is right. Abha says if he brings someone with the right of elder then they have to give Aarti right.

Episode ends.

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