Mithai 4th August 2022 Written Update: Girish asks Sid to get a sign of Mithai in the divorce papers


Mithai 4th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhishek trying to convince Girish of their part. Pramod and Abha also take part in it. Girish says he will give a 10% share to them. Girish says if they do not betray him there will be benefits. Girish leaves. Abha says it will be if there is more to Pramod. Pramod tells her to be satisfied for now. Girish invites the lawyer and greets Harimohan. Girish says it will be good if everything happens in front of him.

Girish calls Sid downstairs. Sid comes downstairs. He tells Dadu that everything happened because of his mistake and doesn’t know how to rectify it. Dadu says they have to bear the outcome along with him. Girish asks Sid to sign the papers as he needs to register them before 3. Sid thinks to read recalling Mithai’s advice. Girish doesn’t let him read saying it’s getting late. Sid signs the papers. Girish says right now only one condition is fulfilled. Sid says he has signed the papers already. Girish asks him to call Dad. Sid calls him dad. Hari Mohan tells him that he is doing wrong but Girish doesn’t listen. Girish says the second condition is Sid will throw Mithai and her mom out of the house.
Mithai says she is ready to leave. She calls her mom. Indu comes out with their luggage.

Mithai joins her hands and says, I request you not to trouble Dadu. Harimohan says to Mithai no need to beg in front of this man and says to Girish, if you have decided that Mithai and her mom will go out, then me and Chandrakanta have also decided that we will also leave with them. Everyone gets shocked. Mithai asks him to not decide in that way. Hari Mohan doesn’t listen. Girish allows them to leave. Sid is in shock and asks his Dad to stop Dadu. Girish says he didn’t ask them to leave and he will follow what he likes. Hari Mohan and Chandrakantha come out packing their luggage. Sid tries to stop them but Harimohan doesn’t listen. Mithai leaves touching Sid’s feet. Sid gets shocked. Girish asks Sid to go to his room. Sid goes to his room. Abhishek, Abha, and Shubham ask Girish to stop Harimohan. Girish asks them to not go against him if they want to stay in the house.

Sid calls Dadu but he doesn’t pick up. He throws everything. He asks his mom to forgive him. Girish comes there and asks can they talk. Sid says he doesn’t permit him to enter the room. He announces that he hates him. Girish says you can’t hate your Dad for long and tells Dadu that this house is always open for him as I don’t hate him as you hate me. Sid says he never forgets that he is the reason for his motors death. Girish says it’s forced marriage and your Dadu did the same with you and I saved you. He asks Sid to sign divorce papers. Sid signs the papers. Girish asks him to get Mithai to sign in 2 hours then I will make you get married to Apeksha. Sid leaves in shock.

Mithai and Indu tells Dadu that they can go to Jalthipura. Hari Mohan gets dizzy. Mithai and Chandrakantha ask if she is alright. Bajanlal sees Harimohan and comes takes his blessings and invites Harimohan to his house to take some rest. Hari Mohan says his love is enough and goes away. HariMohan says they are going to Jathilpura.

Hari Mohan and them take a rest at a place. Mithai asks Dadu if money is more powerful than family. Hari Mohan says a lot of things can be done with money and some with love and some people think money is more important. Mithai says your family has a problem and that is greed. We have to teach them a lesson. Hari Mohan says to do whatever she wants he will be behind her. Mithai asks Lord Gopal Ji for an idea. Then an idea strikes her and thanks Gopal Ji and says there will be a lot more munni in Madhura. Mithai goes to Hari Mohan to tell her plan. Mithai says if there are lot of munni on street there will a lot of profit and says to do this there is a need for some time. Hari Mohan says we will start a new. Hari Mohan asks her to give a word that she will follow her plan to the end. Mithai says she will do whatever it takes to get their family on the right track.

Episode ends.

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