Mithai 4th June 2022 Written Update: Rohan proposes to Kirti


Mithai 4th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai pleads Shubham to not tell anything to Sid about his passport otherwise he will leave for Singapore which will hurt Dadu so help me. Shubham says your intentions are good but your way is wrong. Mithai says everything is correct in war and love, I’m going to become your wife and daughter in law of this house and I can’t see Dadu’s sadness.

Rohan thinks Kirti will definitely come to meet him. Kirti comes to the cafe. Rohan feels happy. Kirti asks him what he wants to talk with her. He asks her to sit. Both orders the same drink. Rohan asks her won’t she thinks he and Karishma are mismatched. Kirti says elders fixed your alliance with Karishma which can’t be canceled. Rohan tells they can cancel by telling it to their families. she is about to leave. He stops her and tells I like you and I know you like me. Kirti tells him their likes don’t matter anymore and he may start to like Karishma post marriage. Rohan tells I love you and we need to stop this marriage to save 3 lives.

Sid asks Shubham if he finds his passport. Shubham lies to him that he didn’t find it. Mithai asks him to show her passport once if he finds it. Sid and Apeksha search for his passport. Mithai thanks Shubham. At the cafe, the organizer announces a couple contest. Couples in cafe participate in it. Apeksha tells Sid that someone intentionally hid his passport. Sid saves person from falling down and in that spur of moment, Sid holds Gopal ji idol and finds his passport. Mithai and Dadu get shocked. Sid sees them. Kirti tells Rohan that she is leaving. He tells he wants to participate in the competition with her to make her feel that they are made for eachother. Rohan and Kirti express their feelings in Shayari. Everyone claps for them.

Sid shows Mithai his passport. She smiles. He asks her how it reached to mandir. Mithai says she doesn’t know. Sid sees at Dadu. Dadu leaves from there telling he needs to check the guest list. Shubham asks Sid to leave the matter as you get your passport. He leaves. Mithai takes his passport and tells him she wants to talk with him alone. He takes his passport and goes aside to talk with her. Mithai asks Sid to not leave for Singapore leaving his family, Dadu loves you and if you leave from here then he will feel broken so can’t you cancel your Singapore trip for Dadu’s happiness? Think before taking any decision. Sid goes to Apeksha. She asks him to give his passport. He gives his passport to her but he takes it back and asks her to give him one more day time to talk with Dadu as I can’t leave from here hurting Dadu so I will convince him first. Apeksha says I know you better so don’t decide because of other impressions which will make you regret it in the future. Sid says he is not canceling the trip and asks her to give him a day. Mithai feels happy. Apeksha leaves.

Episode ends.

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