Mithai 6th July 2022 Written Update: Sid takes back his partition decision


Mithai 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai entering the pooja room and thinks where is Sid. She notices him in the mandir. She acts like she didn’t notice him and reads the paper and tries to make Sid realize that the partition will hurt his grandfather. He hits the table, glass bowl falls down which hurts his feet. Mithai goes to him in worry. He asks her to stop making him realize and what you have done if you are in my situation. Mithai says Dadu gets hurt if they enter the court at this age and remove money from this issue and don’t let anyone get anything then there won’t be any problem. She applies haldi to his wound. She said you don’t have time to settle anything as you have to leave for Singapore. Sid goes out. Mithai prays Gopal Ji to show the correct way to Sid.

Girish and others surround Sid to know how he partitioned the property. Sid tears papers and asks them to take how much they want. Girish asks what kind of home it’s. Sid says you guys made fun of relations and family and we are family and if money is a problem to our unity so this partition won’t happen and no one will get their share. Shubham, Mithai, and Harimohan feel happy. Others get shocked. Girish says you got everything in one day without doing anything. Sid says he is the grandson of Harimohan and business is in his blood. Abhishek asks how can he snatch their rights.

Sid says you guys are the ones who try to snatch it from me and from now onwards I will keep an eye on home and Business. Girish asks if he handles business from Singapore. Sid says he will do it too. He asks him for the keys of the shop. Girish handovers the key. He says Mithai won’t run that shop. Sid says he will decide and leave from there. Hari Mohan and his wife ask Mithai how Sid changed. Mithai tells them he changed for them. They thank Gopal Ji.

Sid places his mom’s photo on the wall. He promises her to make what she wishes. He does exercise and recalls everything in anger. Mithai calls Sid. Sid ignores her. She enters the room and drops the doll. She hides behind the curtain. Sid warns her to leave his room and goes to do his exercise. Mithai goes behind him and accidentally drops water on his face. She apologizes to him and tells she wants to talk with him. Sid tells her she won’t get shop and calls her inauspicious to them. Mithai argues with him. Sid shuts the door on her face.

Harimohan and Chandrakantha see that Mithai is making Aloo jalebi and she is eating herself. Harimohan asks what is she doing. Chandrakantha also asks about it. Mithai says when Mithai is angry she makes Aloo jelabi. Harimohan asks her what Sid say that she is this angry. Mithai says Sid closed the door on her face and he said now she doesn’t have the shop. Harimohan sits down and feels sad. Mithai says Sid doesn’t understand what is the meaning of the first shop. Harimohan says when you have first child how much happiness you have you will have that much you will have when you open your first shop. Mithai says how she is going to sell this much Aloo jelabi on munni. Mithai says Gopal ji is going to show the way. Mithai goes to see who had come. Mithai introduces Poorva and says his owner defrauded her and didn’t give her money for the work she did. She was crying and I asked her to come. Harimohan tells her ti work hard. Poorva says she is not afraid of hardwork. Mithai and Poorva put Aloo jelabi on munni and go to sell.

Aditya says to Mr Agarwal and someone came to meet only you and shows Sid. Agarwal asks why has he come here. Sid says he has business proposal and takes the name of Harimohan sweets.

Episode ends.

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