Mithai 8th July 2022 Written Update: Sid decides not to go with the deal


Mithai 8th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mithai advising Agarwal to deal with Sid infront of his family and let the whole Madhura know about it. Agarwal asks if she came to tell them about it. Mithai says she wants to sell her Jalebi through Number one shop and you’re going to become one so I came here with my selfish motive. Aditya asks how to trust her. Mithai asks them to take their own time. She makes them taste her Jalebi as her shagun to their partnership. They praise the taste and agree to sell her Jalebi in their shop.

Mithai says you praised it but Sid doesn’t like to appreciate it and if they are buying your business then they may tell the whole Madhurai. Agarwal says the deal will happen infront of family members and it will break the arrogance of Harimohan and his family. Mithai leaves and thinks when Sid sees his family business and Dadu getting insulted then he will understand how wrong this deal is. She prays Gopal to help her.

Girish shows power of attorney to Deepti and asks her advice. Deepti says you can have right on the property if you make Sid agrees to marry Apeksha then you can stop this Partition too. Girish praises her suggestion. Agarwal calls Sid and tells him that he will come to their house at 10 am for the deal. He asks if everyone in his family knows about it. Sid says everyone knew about it and you won’t have any problem as I’m an heir of all property. Agarwal thinks he can see the insult to the Chobey family.

Girish sees Shubham and asks him to leave him alone. Shubham says good news dad, Mgb bank granted a loan to us and we can open our shop. Girish says you can think from that low as you’re from there and I’m the person who can give loans. Shubham says Sid denies giving anything so we can start our own. Girish denies it and sends him. Sid steps on Dadu’s sweet stall boxes. He feels bad and keeps them aside. Mithai asks if he felt bad. Sid asks if she did it? Mithai says thinks how bad Dadu felt when you’re selling his brand and name.

Sid says she can’t change his decision. Mithai says I thought you’re like Dadu but you’re like your dad. Sid asks her to stop comparing him with Girish. Mithai says you’re not understanding the value and selling the property to Agarwal without understanding how much you hurt your Dadu. Sid asks her to stop. Mithai says your dad made 10 shops from one but you want to make them zero and if you want to make Dadu proud then you have to buy all shops of Agarwals and I understand you can’t join this family and save the inheritance of Dadu. Sid looks on. Mithai leaves.

Mithai prays to God and hopes that her plan works. Harimohan says he couldn’t sleep. Mithai says to stay strong and says she planned something and hope that it works.

At the morning lawyer gives the Sid that he has to sign some documents in the house infront of family members. Girish and Abhishek tell him to think about what he is doing. Girish says they worked hard together to get this no 1 position. Abhishek share their memories of when they worked hard like when they started 3 shops at the same time. Abha also says when her parents knew that she is going to become Harimohan Chobey’s daughter in law. They were very happy. Our sweets shop are jewel of Madhura. Think twice before you make a decision.

Mr Agarwal and Aditya come to Chobey’s house. Agarwal says they planned a big inauguration when they are going to open Agarwal sweets in old Harimohan shops. Agarwal taunts them. Harimohan gets tears in his eyes. Aditya says they brought a cake in the happy event that there is going to be only one no 1 sweets shop in Madhura. Girish says to stop this. Agarawal doesn’t and still taunts them.

Aditya also says they made a new sweets in the event of this occasion and tell the workers to serve them but nobody of Chobey family takes them. Mithai sees that Sid is angry and goes to him and asks you were angry just because you stepped on few boxes with Dadu’s name now they are putting everyone under their foot. How cam you stand it. Agarwal offers the last formal papers to Sid. Sid says to stop it this should have been a business deal not some humiliation I decided to not to sell shops to you.

Episode ends.

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