Mithai 9th May 2022 Written Update: Girish blames Mithai’s luck


Mithai 9th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harimohan saying the wedding dates of two marriages are fixed and we have 30 days left for Karishma’s wedding. Shubham comes there and says workers go on a strike and they don’t have stock of sweets for Mohini Ekadashi. Everyone gets shocked. Shubham tells them workers are not listening saying it’s a union strike. Girish asks how other vendors are dealing with it. Shubham says other shop vendors prepared sweets prior. Girish says his day started badly with photograph and tells that it’s happened because of the wrong person’s entry and it’s the first time our counters will be empty and we lost our customer’s trust. Mithai tells she won’t let Dadu’s name gets spoiled. Girish asks her to not involve. Dadu asks her to tell them her opinion. Mithai tells she will prepare Aloo Jalebi. Shubham says she has to prepare so many kgs as they have many branches. Girish says she is promising without knowing anything and it’s not a practical solution. He tells he won’t trust the Jaldipura Mithai girl. Mithai tells she will prepare sweets for Dwarakadis temple and we can send sweets to other branches if I started to prepare them at night. Abha mocks Mithai talking in front of her father in law. Dadu says Mithai is not wrong and asks her to prepare. Pramod thinks hope Mithai won’t spoil their plan.

Mithai notices Potato is not enough for her Aloo Jalebi. Harimohan tells he will get the potatoes. He asks Sourya to get it. Sourya leaves telling he is busy as his boss called him. HariMohan asks Abhishek to get it. Abhishek tells he will assign to others. Pramod calls Mr. Agarwal and asks him to not let Mithai get potatoes. Mr. Agarwal agrees.

Dadi sees Mithai preparing Aloo Jalebi and asks why she is going against Girish. Sid says its a waste to tell her as she won’t listen to us. Mithai says she is just finding the solution, I’m just preparing sweet for Dwarakadis mandir but I started to prepare night itself instead of morning and I won’t let any of your shops get closed for one day and I will do my help to this family. Sid leaves to attend his online meeting. Chandrakantha sees Indu and asks if her health is fine. Indu asks Dadi to trust Mithai. She tells Mithai will learn things fastly. Dadi says everything will be fine. Dadu prays to god. Girish tells Dadu that he is going to Agra as they agreed to send sweets by preparing for the whole night. Pramod tells he will accompany him. Girish says today’s account is not tallied so concentrate on it and I will search solution to this crisis. He leaves. Shubham tells some vendors agrees to help them. Abhishek tells he did good work. He tells Dadu that he didn’t get potatoes.

Harimohan tells Mithai that they get only 10kg of potatoes. Mithai feels worried thinking how can she prepare her sweet then she gets an idea and calls the vendor of Jaldipura and asks him to send 50kg aloo in one hour on the train. He agrees. Mithai tells Dadu that Aloo is coming in the train. She goes to inform to her Mom. Harimohan thinks it’s not good to send Mithai alone in the night. He thinks to send Sid with her. Keerti tells she likes Mithai as she considers their house problem as her’s and we need to help her. Karishma tells Aditya Agarwal liked her insta reel. Keerti asks her to stay away from him as he is a competitor. Karishma says he is a friend of Sid and I just need followers and like. They go to help Mithai. Abha stops Karishma and takes her to her room. Pramod thinks the Chobey family doesn’t care for him and he thinks to destroy them and he gives information to Mr. Agarwal. Mr. Agarwal assures him that he won’t let them get successful. Promod thinks he won’t let Mithai prepare her sweet.

Episode ends.

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