Molkki 10th February 2022 Written Update:


Molkki 10th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi destroys few pictures and dress. Gajraj asks her that what is she doing. She tells him that she is closing the chapter of her past. She says that she did so many wrongdoings knowingly and unknowingly by staying with Virendra. He tells her that she can’t make any mistake. She tells him that she is also a human being and she made lot of mistakes and she don’t have any friend to talk about it. He tells her that he is her friend and she can share everything with him. She tells him that he is really good person that’s why she is sharing this with him.

She says that there is a huge age gap between her and Virendra and moreover she was forced to marry him so they never shared a husband and wife relationship. And then she met one guy and felt attracted towards him but felt gulity for feeling like that because she was Virendra’s wife. She tells him that, that guy is not in her life that’s why she is destroying all this to erase his memories.

He asks her that who is that guy. She tells him that, that’s not matter now and if he was with her then she would have convinced him to marry her and leaves from there. He wonders that whom Purvi loved. He notices that Purvi was destroying his pictures and reads her diary. He confirms that she loved him. He says that he don’t want to lose her. She sees his reaction and thinks that this is what she wanted and he will confess everything today.

Later, Purvi meets Virendra in the coffee shop. She shows the recorder to him. He asks her to be careful because Satyam is really cunning and leaves from there. Gajraj comes there. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he came for a meeting. He asks her that what is she doing by getting ready like this. She tells him that she feels the person’s presence who is dead. He asks her to call her love and maybe her love come in front of her. She takes Satyam’s name. He tells her that Satyam also loved her only.

She asks him that how he knows about Satyam’s feelings. He says that he is Satyam only. She smiles hearing him and asks him that how is this possible. He informs her that his face got burnt in the bomb blast so he took advantage of it and became Gajraj. She tells him that he would have suffered a lot. She asks him that if he killed Renu. He confesses that he killed Renu for going against him.

Virendra comes there and slaps Gajraj. Police inspector comes there to arrest Gajraj. Gajraj asks them that what proof they have against him. Purvi shows the recorder. Gajraj throws the recorder in a jug of water. Purvi says that recorder is not working but Gajraj is Satyam only. Gajraj says that he don’t know any Satyam.

Virendra calls Prakashi. Gajraj says that he don’t know her. She tells him that she didn’t know that he killed Renu. She says that she is ready to accept punishment and asks Police inspector to not leave Gajraj. She proves that Gajraj is Satyam. He yells at her. Virendra slaps him.

Episode ends.

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