Molkki 10th January 2022 Written Update: Purvi learns about the deal


Molkki 10th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi finds Virendra in unconscious state. She calls Yogi and Anjali. They takes Virendra to room. Yogi calls for an ambulance. Anjali asks that what’s happening. Purvi tells her that it can’t be an accident and it looks like someone plotted against them and Renu would not have fell by mistake.

Satyam comes there and asks them that what happened to Virendra. He tells the servants to call Renu. Purvi tells him that Renu won’t come. He tells her that Renu will come if he calls her then and he leaves the room. Everyone follows him. He finds Renu’s dead body and asks her to wake up. He says that how can she die when it’s him who has disease and cries.

Anjali feels bad for Satyam. Satyam asks her to tell Renu to wake up. He tells Purvi that Renu was his strength and gave hope to him then why she took this decision. Purvi tells him that Renu didn’t commit suicide and someone would have pushed her from terrace. He asks her that who did that and he won’t leave that person. Virendra comes there and asks Renu to wake up. He asks others that how it happened. Yogi tells him that Renu fell from terrace and they lost her. Virendra cries holding her hand. Satyam asks that how he is going to live without Renu.

After some time, Virendra and others are about to take Renu’s dead body from the palace to perform her last rites. Heera bai comes there and tells them that Renu’s killer lives in this place. Virendra asks her that who is she. She informs him that it’s her who used to take care of Renu and introduces herself to him. She says that she knows that what kind of work she does but Renu was like daughter for her and she should not have called Renu.

Yogi asks her that why she called Renu. She informs them that Dubai client was ready to buy Renu and someone from the palace was ready to sell Renu. Yogi asks her that who made deal with her. Satyam says that these talks will affect Renu’s soul and pleads her to leave from there. She cries seeing Renu’s dead body and leaves the palace. Purvi doubts Satyam.

Later, Police inspector tells Virendra that if they are not suspecting anyone then he will close the case it as accident case. Purvi tells him that someone pushed Renu from terrace because she saw rope there. Virendra asks her that how is that possible.

Juhi shows Manas’s painting to Purvi and it looks like one man pushing a girl from terrace. Purvi asks Manas that did he saw anyone pushing Renu from terrace. Manas glares Virendra and points at him. Virendra asks him that did the latter became mad. Manas hits Virendra. Purvi tells Police inspector that Manas is in shock and asks him to continue the investigation.

Doctor tells Purvi that because of shock Manas is not speaking but soon he will be fine. She shows Satyam’s report to him. He informs her that it’s a woman’s report. She understands that Satyam lied about his disease and she decides to expose him.

Episode ends.

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