Molkki 11th May 2021 Written Update: Purvi’s first “Karwa Chauth”


Molkki 11th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Virendra asks Purvi about her pain. She says to him that its not an deep wound so not paining much. He asks her to not lie saying that he knows that she is in pain because of whatever happening nowadays. She cries saying that she is afraid thinking that she may lost him which she don’t want to happen and she knows that his priority is Sakshi and she is his wife but her heart is not listening her.

He says to her that his condition is also same and it’s hurt to see her like this and he can’t hurt both her and Sakshi and decides to tell the truth to Sakshi saying that he don’t care about the consequences. She stops him from telling the truth to Sakshi. He tells her that if he can’t say now then he won’t be able to say never. She says to him that if anything happens to Sakshi then they won’t be able to forgive themselves. He drags her with him towards his room.

He shocks seeing the unconscious Sakshi and asks Prakashi that what is she doing there. Doctor says to Virendra that he already informed him that Sakshi can’t handle any stress and today something happened and asks him to take care of her. Prakashi says to Virendra that Sakshi called her and scolds him for his carelessness. Virendra leaves Purvi’s hand and moves towards Sakshi and sits beside her.

He tells Prakashi that they should return to home. Anjali tells him that Sakshi needs care and asks him to forget everything and just take care of Sakshi. He asks her that who is she to teach him that what he should do. Purvi takes Kids with her and goes to pack the luggage. He apologize to Purvi in his mind and thinks he again could not tell the truth to Sakshi because of the situation.

They returns to home. Sakshi asks Virendra to not worry about her. Purvi tells Sakshi to get well soon for Virendra and Kids. Prakashi says to Virendra that Sakshi is glowing because he is with her. Anjali says to her that like she said Sakshi needs Virendra’s love and support not any medicine.

She asks Sakshi that will she keep “Karwa Chauth” fasting. Sakshi nods at her but Virendra tells her to not keep any fasting because her health is not well. She says to him that she has strength and she waited 5 years for this day. Anjali asks Purvi to do all the preparations. Purvi leaves from there.

Purvi thinks it’s her first “Karwa Chauth” after marriage but she can’t keep fasting. Kids asks Purvi to keep fasting for Virendra. Manas asks how can Virendra break her fasting. Virendra tells his Kids that he will do it.

Next day, Sakshi tells Purvi that she saw her wearing nuptial chain on holi day and that’s the same nuptial chain which she found in Virendra’s room but Juhi said that’s belongs to Anjali. Purvi lies to her saying that she is not married and she just wore Anjali’s nuptial chain that day.

Later, Virendra says to Purvi that he will keep fasting for her because it’s her first time after marriage. She asks him to keep fasting for Sakshi. He feeds “sargi” to her and assures her saying that he will break her fasting. Virendra hides seeing Sakshi. Sakshi asks Purvi about Virendra.

Episode ends.

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