Molkki 14th January 2022 Written Update: Satyam confesses his crime to Virendra


Molkki 14th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Purvi sneaks into Satyam’s room and searches proof against him. She finds Renu’s ghungroo and thinks that Renu’s past will help her to solve the problem. She decides to talk to Heera bai to expose Satyam. After some time, Purvi reaches Heera bai’s place and meets her. Heera bai says that they insulted her in their palace but she won’t treat her like that. Purvi says that she want to talk to her about Renu. Heera bai takes her inside.

Purvi informs her that Police arrested Virendra for pushing Renu from terrace but he is innocent and it’s not a suicide case for sure. She asks her that if Renu said to her anything about Satyam because she is suspecting him. Heera bai tells her that Renu didn’t contact her after leaving from there but there is a possibility that Renu talked to her friend Sonam. Purvi tells her that she want meet Sonam.

On the other hand, Satyam refuses to eat. Yogi tells him that the latter is not eating well from the time Renu died and he asks him to eat for Renu’s sake. Satyam asks him that how can he eat when he gets accused of killing his wife. Anjali asks him to not think about Purvi’s words and Purvi is upset so she is not understanding that what is she saying. He tells her that he also cares about this family members. He says that he consulted Doctor and he can’t handle more stress and it can put his life in danger so Doctor advised him to leave the palace. Yogi asks him to forget yesterday’s incident and promises to not disappoint him again. Satyam tells him that Purvi losing her sense and if it continued then she may hurt others so they should start her treatment too.

Sonam tells Purvi that Renu came to meet her when Renu’s marriage got fixed with Satyam and that time Renu gifted her ghungroo saying that she don’t need that but after few days Renu took it from her saying that Satyam likes to see her dancing. Purvi asks her that does she know anything else about Satyam. Sonam tells her that Satyam is afraid of darkness and ghosts and he wished to settle with Renu in Canada.

Doctor tells Yogi and Anjali that they should start Purvi’s treatment as soon as possible. He gives medicines for Purvi. Anjali says that Purvi won’t agree for treatment. He advices to mix the medicines in Purvi’s food without her knowledge. Yogi and Anjali leaves from there. Doctor tells Satyam that this is wrong. Satyam tells him that he wants Purvi to become mad and those medicines will do his work.

Purvi informs Anjali that she visited Heera bai. Anjali thinks that Purvi’s condition getting worse. She asks her to get some rest and leaves the room. Purvi sneaks into Satyam’s room and unlocks the locker and finds receipt and she realises that Satyam sold all the jewels. On the other hand, Satyam visits Virendra and tells him that he knows that the latter didn’t kill Renu. He says that he saved himself by putting the blame on him. He accepts that he killed Renu.

Episode ends.

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