Molkki 17th January 2022 Written Update: Prakashi orders Satyam to kill Purvi


Molkki 17th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Satyam visits Virendra and informs him that it’s him who killed Renu. Virendra holds his shirt collar. Satyam asks him to not lose the cool because Purvi staying in the palace only. He demands money from him for Purvi’s safety. Virendra says that he made mistake by letting Renu marry Satyam. Then he beats him. Officers takes Satyam from there. Virendra says that he won’t leave Satyam. He thinks that Purvi is not safe so he should alert her.

On the other hand, Purvi enters Anjali’s room and assumes that Anjali is inside washroom and asks her to come out. She says that Satyam sold all of Renu’s jewels. She finds her medical report and realises that Anjali thinks that she is mad. She understands that Anjali will give medicines to her without her knowledge. She reads Doctor’s name and remembers that he only gave fake report of Satyam too which means Satyam is behind all this. She decides to not take these medicines.

She notices that someone locked the door from outside. Virendra enters the room through window. She asks him that what is he doing here. He recalls that how he fought with other prisoner deliberately and escaped from jail. He tells her that her life is in danger. He informs her that Satyam confessed his crime and they has to leave now.

On the other hand, constable gives mobile to Prakashi. Nurse gives medicines to her and leaves the room. Prakashi tells herself that she won’t die until she kills Purvi. She says that she has to find someone to kill Purvi. Then she learns from Jeweller that Satyam sold Renu’s jewels. She thinks that Saytam will do her job.

Virendra takes Purvi somewhere. He tells her that no one can find them now. She asks him that are they doing anything wrong. She says that he should surrender himself to Police and she will get bail for him because what if he ends up in another problem because of this. He tells her that he don’t have any other choice. He says that he need to protect her from Satyam and also has to find proof to prove his innocence and by staying outside only he can do all this. She tells him that Satyam is really cunning but Anjali, Yogi believes Satyam.

He says that he should have called off the marriage when Anjali revealed the truth. She tells him that it was not his mistake and Renu loved Satyam so much that’s why she married him. She informs him that Satyam is afraid of darkness and ghosts and also what all Satyam did. He tells her that they will make Satyam confess his crimes.

Satyam visits Prakashi. She tells him that she knows that he sold Renu’s jewels. She threatens to tell Police that he killed Renu. He asks her to not do anything like that. She asks him to kill Purvi. Meanwhile, Yogi and Anjali that learns that Purvi is not in the palace. They also gets to know that Virendra escaped from jail.

Episode ends.

Precap – Satyam gets afraid seeing Renu’s ghost.

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