Molkki 18th January 2022 Written Update: Virendra and Purvi attempts to gather proof against Satyam


Molkki 18th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anjali informs Yogi that Virendra escaped from jail. He asks her that what’s happening here. He says that he will tell Police that Purvi is missing too. She tells him that Purvi must be with Virendra only so they should not go to Police. She says that Virendra and Purvi must be trying to find proof to prove Virendra’s innocence so they should stay silent. She tells him that Purvi is mature enough to prove Virendra’s innocence. On the other hand, Virendra buys Renu’s jewels and asks jeweller to not tell anyone that he bought it. He tells Purvi that these jewels will help to find proof.

In the middle of the night, Satyam hears gungroo noise and he wakes up. He thinks that he must be hallucinating but he can hears gungroo noise again. He searches Renu’s gungroo and lights goes off. Renu says that she is wearing her gungroo and moves towards him. She dances on his favorite song. He thinks that Renu used to dance on this song only for him and he could not see her face because of her veil. She dances around him and he looks at Renu’s picture. He recalls that how Renu died. He thinks that someone playing with him because dead people can’t return.

He tries to see her face and her necklace comes on his hand. He realises that, that’s Renu’s necklace and says that he sold this necklace already. He gets afraid and moves backwards saying that she can’t be Renu. He asks her that who is she and she goes missing which panicks him. She comes again and he gets afraid. He runs downstairs and says that she returned.

Yogi and Anjali asks that who returned. Satyam thinks that he can’t tell them about Renu otherwise they will take him to hospital. He says that he had a nightmare but now he is fine. He goes to his room and finds lemon with blood. He wonders that what’s happening with him. He thinks that what if Renu’s ghost returned to take revenge. He lays down on the bed and tries to sleep. Blood drops on him and he sees her and follows her.

She takes him to terrace and she says that she is going now but she will return again to take him with her and she falls down from terrace. He screams and asks her that why she did this and says that he won’t let anything happen to her and he will save her and sees her from terrace. He comes downstairs but no one is there. He asks Renu to stop troubling him. He pleads her to not come again. Virendra and Purvi sees that.

Next day, Virendra tells Purvi that it’s clear that Satyam killed Renu. She tells him that his plan worked. They recalls that how they executed their plan to scare Satyam. She tells him that Satyam won’t accept easily that Renu’s ghost came to kill him.

Episode ends.

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