Molkki 1st April 2021 Written Update: Sudha suspects Anjali


Molkki 1st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police inspector comes to Sakshi mill and Prakashi shocks seeing him and informs about it to Anjali. Prakashi and Anjali hides from Police. Anjali says she thinks Police found that they left the house that’s why they are here. Prakashi says that’s not possible and says they must have got information about Purvi and says they has to leave from there before Police sees them. On the other hand, Priyu tells Police that they searched Purvi everywhere already but no use and says seems like kidnapper took Purvi to some other place. He says that’s not possible because Purvi’s mobile location shows this place only and orders his team to search Purvi.

Manas and Juhi keep troubling the Goons. First Goon says he can’t work anymore and cries. Second Goon scolds him and tells him to search Purvi. First Goon says seems like for money he is going to die. Second Goon sees Purvi’s leg and shows it to First Goon and they moves towards her. Juhi and Manas notices them and runs towards Purvi and stops the Goons from reaching Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali comes out of the Sakshi mill. Anjali says they should go to godown again and call Driver to bring the car there. Prakashi says first time she said right thing and they moves towards the godown.

Goon asks Kids that what are they doing there and tells them to leave from there. Juhi threatens the Goons and tells them to not approach Purvi otherwise she will stab them. Goon points gun at kids and tells them to move aside. Prakashi and Anjali comes there. Anjali wonders how kids came there and was about to go to save them but Prakashi stops her and says they will end up in jail if they go out then.

Manas says he won’t move aside. Sudha and Priyu comes there and pleads Goons to not harm the kids. Goon points gun at Manas but Sudha and Priyu saves the kids. Seeing Police there, Goons runs from there. Police chases Goons and arrests them. Prakashi calls Goon leader and inform him about Purvi. Goon leader comes to the godown with another Goon and takes Purvi from there. Sudha realises that Purvi is missing again.

Police inspector slaps Goon and asks about Purvi. Goon says he doesn’t know anything about Purvi. Police inspector says Goon’s allies must have took Purvi but they need not to worry because his team will find her. Sudha sees Prakashi and asks what is she doing there. Anjali says they came for some important work. Sudha thinks they definitely hiding something.

Later, Prakashi scolds kids for hiding inside the car dicky. Anjali also scolds them and refuse to give food to them. Sudha suspects Anjali in Purvi’s kidnap. Kids goes to kitchen to eat something but Anjali catch them red-handed and punishes them. Manas and Juhi cries and asks Purvi to come back soon. Prakashi tells Virendra that everything is fine and he can concentrate on his work. Anjali asks why she lied to Virendra. Prakashi says she has to kill Purvi before Virendra returns.

Episode ends..