Molkki 2 10th March 2023 Written Update: Suraj punishes Bhoomi


The episode starts with Bhoomi checking the laundary. Maid asks her to let her do the work but Bhoomi she will keep the ironed clothes to everyone’s room. Mistakenly Bhoomi leaves her phone in Pallavi’s room. Someone’s call come and Pallavi picks it up. Guy on call talks in a rowdy way and asks Bhoomi when will she meet him. Pallavi says it might be wrong number. Vikash keeps instigating family members against Bhoomi and says she has bad character. Pallavi says instead of putting allegations they should ask Bhoomi directly.

Servants tell that Bhoomi is not at home. Another servant who comes from market tells that he has seen Bhoomi at bar and lodge. Suraj says he will go and see himself. Pallavi also goes with him. Vikash follows too. They reach the lodge and ask receptionist about Bhoomi showing her picture. He tells she is in room no 9. Suraj knocks on the door and opens to find Bhoomi in the room with another guy in compromising situation. Vikash starts character assassinating Bhoomi. Suraj says they will go and talk at haveli. Dadi asks if Bhoomi was really at that hotel. Rimjhim also comes there.

Vikash keeps talking badly about Bhoomi. Pallavi tries to keep him calm but he tells now everyone knows the reality. Suraj asks Bhoomi to look into his eyes and tell whatever is happening is truth. Bhoomi keeps crying and says its is true. Pallavi gets shocked. Suraj tells he will give Bhoomi himself. He drags her outside and tells her to leave haveli. Pallavi says Bhoomi has no where to go and they should wait for Nirma to come back, then talk calmly about the situation. Suraj tells if Bhoomi entered haveli he will leave.

Vikash badmouths about Bhoomi again. Bhoomi sits in garden and keeps crying. She recalls her moments spent with Suraj. Suraj thinks about the incident and how he asked Bhoomi to look into eyes and she made the confession. He angrily throws the glass which breaks into pieces startling Bhoomi. Vikash goes to Suraj and provokes him further. He asks Suraj not to waste time thinking about Bhoomi and takes him to eat dinner. Dadi and Vikash asks Suraj to divorce Bhoomi so that no one can question their family pride and character. Suraj sees Rimjhim sitting absentmindedly and asks why she isn’t eating.

Rimjhim says she isn’t feeling to eat because even Bhoomi must be hungry. Suraj says this is how manners of girls from good family are. He asks DhaniRam to give Bhoomi a plate of food. Pallavi comes and tells that locker key is missing and also 3 lakhs ruppees. Suraj tells DhaniRam might have misplaced it while cleaning. Dhaniram gives food to Bhoomi and says Suraj sent it. Bhoomi feels emotional. Pallavi comes and asks about locker keys to Dhaniram. The episode ends with Bhoomi saying that she had taken the keys leaving everyone shocked.