Molkki 2 16th March 2023 Written Update: Manik tells Bhoomi truth about Kumud


Molkki 2 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi getting ready for Gangaur puja. She is wearing her accessories, when she’s about to tie the kamarband, Suraj holds it and helps her wear it. Oh re piya plays in the background. Bhoomi comes downstairs for puja. She compliments Nirma for looking very beautiful. Nirma tells her how she always take care of Nirma. Pallavi explains puja ritual to Bhoomi. She asks Bhoomi who her partner will be for puja as she needs to ask her questions. Bhoomi tells it has to be Nirma. They sit for puja.

Bhoomi compliments Suraj’s nature. Nirma says quality of her husband is that he listens to everything she says. Bhoomi gets confused and asks if he is so nice why they are having problems. But before Nirma can answer anything, Suraj comes there in injured state. Bhoomi and all family members get shocked seeing his condition. Bhoomi tells she will go and check on Suraj. Bhoomi asks Suraj how he got hurt, he tells that he fell from bike. She applies medicine on Suraj’s injuries.

Nirma talks to Suraj and he tells how Sangram wanted to show his marriage picture to Bhoomi but he tore it. Nirma says they need to keep truth hidden from Bhoomi if they want their wish from her to come true. Suraj says its her wish not his. Nirma says she just wants to help their family. Pallavi asks Bhoomi to give water to everyone so that they can break their fasts. She asks about Nirma, Pallavi tells she must be somewhere. Manik comes to meet Bhoomi. She tells Bhoomi how Suraj had got those injuries while fighting with Sangram.

Manik tells how Kumud is alive and Sangram had some picture of Kumud and Suraj which he wanted to show to Bhoomi, Suraj took it and tore it. However he has given the torn picture to show to Bhoomi. In picture face of Kumud is not visible. Bhoomi tells they cannot decide anything with it and Sangram must have lied to her. Nirma suddenly falls unconscious. Suraj screams Kumud and holds her. Pallavi also addresses Nirma as Kumud. They make her lie down on sofa and try to make her gain consciousness. Bhoomi enters and is shocked to see everyone calling Nirma as Kumud.

Bhoomi feels cheated and heartbroken. She says to tell that all this is a bad dream. Urvashi comes and says they won’t answer. She tells them to answer Bhoomi’s questions. Urvashi says all of them are liars and truth is Nirma and Kumud are same. She tells how Suraj and Nirma are married for eight years and before marriage Nirma’s name was Kumud. Pallavi tries to stop her but Urvashi tells today its her day to speak. The episode ends with Urvashi telling truth about Nirma being one who had asked Suraj to do molkki and a shattered helpless Bhoomi crying helplessly.

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