Molkki 2 1st March 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi finds out Kumud’s story from Nirma


Molkki 2 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirma confronting Vikash for provoking Bhoomi by telling Kumud’s truth so that her and Suraj’s marriage break. She tells him that she is well aware of his deeds and how he has joined hands with Sangram Singh. She warns him to stop his dirty tricks to break Suraj and Bhoomi’s marriage or else she will tell his truth to everyone. Nirma also asks Vikash not to let Sangram know that she already knows about them. She even asks Vikash to give her information about all moves of Sangram Singh.

Nirma thinks she needs to end Kumud’s chapter. Vikash lies to Sangram that even after knowing Kumud’s truth, Bhoomi has denied to leave Suraj. Sangram tells Urvashi now he will attack Manik to protect whom Bhoomi became molkki herself. Bhoomi applies oil on her hair and thinks whenever she has to apply oil herself she remembers her mother a lot. She sees Suraj doing exercises and wonders how strong he is. Suraj calls gopi to give him heavier weights. Bhoomi thinks Gopi has left already so she picks up weights herself to give to Suraj but it keeps slipping off her hands because of oil.

Suraj sees Bhoomi struggling and tries to take it from her. Both of them slip together and Bhoomi falls on Suraj. He tells what she is doing there. Bhoomi explains how Gopi had left so she thought to pass it to him. Suraj asks her if she knows how heavy it is. He calls Bhoomi chui mui. Bhoomi thinks she used to pick up four vessels of water together in village and is very strong enough. Later servants bring a treasure chest and say Nirma has asked to change its place. They leave it in hall and go to find piece of cloth to clean it.

Bhoomi sees Suraj there and thinks to show him how strong she is so she lifts up the box however he leaves without looking at her. The box slips from her hands and she finds a paper with Kumud’s name on it, she thinks it can help her to know about Kumud but Pallavi stops her. She tells its wrong to check others things without permission. Bhoomi asks her about Kumud. Nirma comes and says she will tell her about Kumud.

Nirma tells Bhoomi that Kumud was Sutaj’s wife but she is no more. Both of them used to love each other a lot and Suraj is still dwelling in her memories. She asks Bhoomi to help Suraj forget Kumud and move on in his life. Sangram gives Gagan a saree to gift to Manik. Manik comes to meet Bhoomi and appreciates Haveli but Bhoomi tells its a golden prison and also says about Kumud to her. Manik encourages Bhoomi to win Suraj’s heart and help him heal. The episode ends with Bhoomi coming to talk to Suraj and telling she knows about Kumud and doesn’t want to replace her but just wants to help him. Suraj is left angry.

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