Molkki 2 26th February 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi’s rasoi and muk dikhai ritual


Molkki 2 26th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi telling Nirma about Sooraj going to red light area. Bhoomi says she should leave if Sooraj doesn’t want to accept her. Nirma reminds Bhoomi that she needs to forget whatever she had seen. She has lots of responsibilities on her shoulders and cannot leave Haveli. Bhoomi feels broken remembering Sooraj’s words. She thinks she has considered Nirma as her elder sister but even she is insisting Bhoomi to carry on with this one sided relationship. Bhoomi cried helplessly.
Nirma comes to Sooraj and asks him why he went to that place last night where he had never been before.

Nirma questions Sooraj about his mistreatment towards Bhoomi. Sooraj tells his life isn’t bound by anyone. He gives medicines to Nirma and tells its better if Bhoomi knows limits of their marriage. Nirma comes and sees Bhoomi making idols. Bhoomi requests Nirma to let her continue to make idols as it makes her feel better. Nirma tells that now she is no more the same Bhoomi and is bound by her status of being thakurain and wife of Sooraj. She offers Bhoomi to instead work in godown.

Nirma tells she will Bhoomi’s identity hidden and has explained everything to manager. She asks her to join work. Bhoomi makes chartsheet, and thinks its her first day at work and hopes she doesn’t do any mistake. Bhoomi goes to drink water. Sooraj comes there and sees the sheet, he asks who made it as there are many mistakes. Bhoomi comes there and says she did it. Sooraj recalls his meeting with her and scolds her badly. Bhoomi feels upset realizing Sooraj doesn’t even know that he has married her.

Later at haveli, Nirma asks Bhoomi to cook something sweet for everyone for her rasoi ritual. Bhoomi makes kheer and thinks her mother taught her to make kheer but didn’t teach how to pretend to look happy. Pallavi comes and asks how did she know Sooraj likes dry fruit kheer. Bhoomi asks for some utensil to serve it. Servant gives her bowl which has Kumud craved on it. Bhoomi asks who it is. Pallavi asks her to serve kheer and scolds servants for being irresponsible. She asks them to keep all those utensils with Kumud craved in storeroom.

During function some ladies gossip about Bhoomi and Sooraj. Nirma shuts them up. Bhoomi serves kheer to everyone. She doesn’t know about dadi being diabetic and gives her sweet dishes too. Dadi smiles happily and thinks Bhoomi is not too bad. Later Sooraj comes and asks Nirma if its necessary to do all this. He sees Dadi’s plate filled with sweets and loses his temper. Nirma calms him down and tells servants to take dadi to room. Pallavi tells Bhoomi about dadi being diabeteic. Dadi scolds Bhoomi for giving her sweets and getting her scolded by Sooraj. Dadi says Bhoomi can never replace Kumud. The episode end with Bhoomi feeling disheartened seeing Sooraj with same woman she had seen last night with him.

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