Molkki 2 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi fulfils tough task for Suraj’s longevity


Molkki 2 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirma explaining Bhoomi about rituals and temple to seek blessings. Bhoomi tells she is very happy to go with Nirma. But Nirma says she isn’t going but instead Bhoomi has to go with Suraj. Suraj asks what’s all this and he isn’t interested to go. Pallavi tells Suraj to stop inclining for everything. Its their family ritual and they need to go together to seek blessings for kul devi. Bhoomi tells Nirma she is feeling nervous to go with Suraj for first time. Nirma tells her to change Suraj’s rude nature into love by her patience.

Bhoomi sits in jeep and struggles with seat belt. Suraj helps her put it on. Bhoomi’s saree pallu flies and blocks Suraj’s vision. He scolds Bhoomi to remove it. She tells its flying because he is driving too fast. Suraj tells he is driving fast because temple is too far. Bhoomi asks if its in another village and she knows shortcut to it. Suraj says he remembers about her shortcuts very well, if they use it they will save time but may be not themselves. Bhoomi requests Suraj to drop her to Manik’s home on their way back as she wants to see her new home.

On their way, Bhoomi sees her mother’s friend Rupa Kaki and asks Suraj to stop the jeep. She tells to give him few minutes. Bhoomi meets Rupa Kaki who appreciates her for looking beautiful. Suraj asks Bhoomi to come fast as they will get late. They also take Rupa along to drop her on the way. Rupa gives Suraj some money as blessing and asks him to buy bangles for Bhoomi with it. She even asks him to make Bhoomi wear it. After she leaves Suraj scolds Bhoomi and tells he is tired of pretending.

At temple Suraj and Bhoomi seek blessings from Lord Shiva. Later one lady tells Bhoomi about doing Abhishek of shivling with water from Ganges for seven times can enhance longevity of husband’s life. Bhoomi decides to do it inspite of it being very difficult task. Villagers start praising Bhoomi for her determination. Sooraj looks on. Bhoomi completes seven rounds of shivling abhishek. Everyone prays for Bhoomi and Suraj’s jodi to remain forever. On the way back, Bhoomi says Suraj that priest had given thread to her and had said if wife ties it to husband it will be good to keep troubles off him.

Suraj scolds Bhoomi and says there is no husband wife relationship between them. Bhoomi cries but then reminds Suraj to drop her at Manik’s home. Sangram fools Gagan and sends him for some work. He comes to meet Manik and turns off the lights. Manik misunderstands him as Gagan in darkness. Bhoomi comes and knocks on the door but no one opens the door so she leaves thinking no one is there at home. Bhoomi overhears staff saying Sangram is there and realizes he is at Manik’s home. Even Manik turns on her phone light and sees Sangram. She tries to push him off. Manik shouts for help. Bhoomi turns the fuse on. Sangram tries to force himself on Manik. The episode ends with Bhoomi entering the house by breaking the door.

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