Molkki 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Nirma tries to bring Suraj and Bhoomi closer


Molkki 2 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manik screaming for help. Bhoomi breaks the door and enters inside. She picks up stick and warns Sangram Singh to leave but instead laughs and pushes Manik aside making her fall unconscious. He then starts forcing himself of Bhoomi however Suraj comes at the right time. Suraj ruthlessly beats up Sangram and asks him how he could lay his eyes on Bhoomi who is his wife. Bhoomi feels emotional being addressed as wife by Suraj and has flashbacks of when Suraj denied to accept her.

Sangram tries to attack Suraj from behind but gets beaten up. Before running away he hits Suraj with the table on back. Suraj asks if Gagan works for this devil Sangram. Manik says how Gagan is being manipulated and has faith on him. Suraj asks Bhoomi to take Manik to haveli and he will call Gagan also to come there. Bhoomi touches Suraj’s feel as a gesture to show her gratitude for saving her and Manik. Suraj says that its his responsibility. Bhoomi asks how he came there as he was going back to haveli and was going to send driver to take her.

Suraj makes excuse that prasad was with Bhoomi. Bhoomi reminds him that she had kept it in jeep after asking him. Suraj tells that he forgot about it. Bhoomi thinks whatever god does is for good and she doesn’t think Suraj has such bad memory, she smiles happily. Nirma tells Sangram has crossed all limits by his dirty acts. Pallavi suggests to do FOR but Nirma tells he isn’t afraid of police and law. She will go and talk to him. Suraj asks Gagan why he works with Sangram. Manik tells she can stay hungry but won’t let him work with Sangram.

Suraj tells not to worry as Gagan can work with him. Bhoomi thinks she always wanted a husband who accepts her family as his own just like Suraj. Urvashi applies cream on Sangram’s wounds and asks him to keep the fire inside him burning. Nirma comes and says about her bad upbringing. Urvashi says its in their blood because Sangram’s father did the same. But Nirma gives example of Suraj. However Urvashi taunts Nirma not to talk about upbringing as she herself as never given birth. Nirma warns Sangram and leaves.

Manik feels bad that Gagan didn’t feel angry at Sangram at all. Nirma tells Bhoomi that Suraj accepted her as his wife and its a small win for them. At breakfast table everyone is waiting for Suraj. He comes and asks Pallavi for cream to apply on pimples. Pallavi tells its not pimples but he is infected by chicken pox. She asks him to go to his room and not touch anyone else. Nirma sends Bhoomi to help him instead of servant. Suraj and Bhoomi have their bitter sweet arguments. The episode ends with Bhoomi saying she won’t go anywhere from room and will help him.

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