Molkki 2 4th March 2023 Written Update: Gagan cuts off his ties from Sangram Singh


Molkki 2 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suraj standing in balcony being fed up of Bhoomi’s ways to help him get relief from chickenpox. Bhoomi requests him to come and rest. She tells him that she has prepared something to make him get better soon. Suraj gets shocked seeing mata rani idol in his room. Bhoomi says dadi has asked to pray to Mata rani as it will help to cure him. She also tries to put neem leaves on him but Suraj says its modern times and he needs medicines not all this.

Suraj tells Bhoomi that he feels good when he exercises so he will do that. Bhoomi tries to stop him but he does his exercise vigorously while Bhoomi does puja. Bhoomi keeps finger on her lips. Suraj asks her what she is doing. She tells she will keep quiet as he had asked her to. Suraj tells he was joking and now he has important presentation to show on video conference. Suraj goes to pick up phone from table and starts feeling dizzy. Bhoomi tells him to stop thinking of work and rest first. She gives him medicine and asks him to lie down on bed. Suraj starts feeling more itchy.

Vikas talks to Rimjhim who tells him she got first position in the class. Pallavi also overhears and feels happy. He tells Rimjhim will come home next week. Pallavi gives him money to donate in name of Rimjhim. He gets happy and thinks to use it for gambling instead. Nirma catches him and takes money back from him. She scolds him and warns him not to repeat this or else she will throw him out of the house. Bhoomi wonders how to help Suraj as he will get bruises if keeps itching.

Manik feels traumatized remembering about Sangram. Gagan tries to console her but she breaks down and asks him why he didn’t listen to her when she had told him not to work with Sangram. Gagan apologises to Manik and asks her to take care of herself more. Suraj wakes up to find both his hands tied to bed. Bhoomi tells him that she tied his hands so that he doesn’t itch himself much. Suraj scolds Bhoomi and asks her to free him but she denies saying she wants him get well soon so she won’t open his hands.

Gagan returns back bike and house keys gifted by Sangram to him and sends letter saying he won’t work with Sangram anymore. Bhoomi makes Suraj wear monkey cap and gloves so that he cannot itch himself. Manager laughs at Suraj seeing him but Suraj says he is just taking precautions for chickenpox. Bhoomi gets letter from idol maker she always wanted to learn idol making from. She reads the letter and he had rejected teaching her. Suraj makes fun of her and tells she deserves it. Manik comes and tells Suraj how it was their father’s dream so Bhoomi always wanted to learn from him. Suraj realizes his mistake and goes to see Bhoomi. The episode ends with Bhoomi having a breakdown.

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